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Let me start off by saying that these are not that bad, but the title is misleading. I have never had a butterscotch brownie to know what they are supposed to taste like, but I have had butterscotch and these taste nothing like it. It was like a sticky blondie. (Good, but like I said before, doesn't taste like butterscotch)<br/><br/>Secondly, the servings are significantly off! I made the 18 serving version and was skeptical of the amount of ingredients involved. It made 4 brownies (I had to use a bread pan)<br/><br/>With all that said, I think they would be better with walnuts in the batter and then put vanilla ice cream on top. That would be delicious!<br/><br/>I'm skeptical that the last reviewer actually made this recipe....

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iwanttoeat! April 18, 2013

Amazing! Couldn't believe I was able to make such a well-received dessert with ingredients I already had. Found this recipe through supercook.com.

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whylimewhynot May 25, 2009
Butterscotch Brownies