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I believe this recipe has lots of potential, but it just didn't work out for us. :-/ Since I love butternut squash, I'm going to make this again with the following changes: I'll use an 8x8 pan, as the 9x13 produced a flat product; I'm going to add cinnamon and nutmeg directly to the mix before baking so it's more flavorful; and I'll use 1/4 cup of oil instead of the half, since it was oilier than we would've liked. Thank you for posting this great idea for a healthy dessert. :)

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Scribbler515 January 24, 2010

I am giving this a full 5 stars because it was the first time my husband and son were happy with squash. I halved the recipe, served this to company and the presentation was fabulous. When I said that there was no cream or butter in the dish, everyone demanded the recipe. While I am a lover of squash and thought it was good but not amazing, everyone else was raving. This is the ideal recipe to get non-lovers to convert. It is a great side dish; healthy, easy, and visually impressive. Thanks so much for something new. It will be in regular rotation.

Addendum: We have made this a number of times. Though it was inconsistent originally, I have found to make it right every time mix the wet ingredients and blend well before mixing in the dry ones. I use my stick blender. Also, Replace the oil with applesauce. Not for health reasons, but because it makes it fluffier and doesn't have that oily or falling flat problem. We also prefer a bit of cinnamon in the batter and the greater amount of sugar. The frozen squash has been much better than the fresh, easier to use and cheaper, too. It doubles well for holidays. We like it best at room temperature, making it the perfect make ahead dish. Thanks again.

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little giggly's mom November 23, 2011

This is really good and really easy to make! I used 1/4 cup of oil as someone else suggested and a bit less sugar. I also mixed in a few hefty shakes of cinnamon and nutmeg and sprinkled cinnamon, nutmeg, and sugar on top before cooking. It tastes very similar to pumpkin pie, but much healthier! My 11 month old and 3 year old really liked it too!

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Oliver & Fischer's Mommy January 21, 2011

I am not a squash person, but this looked interesting enough that I wanted to try it. I reduced the amount of oil and increased the amount of sugar a little. I also added nutmeg and cinnamon directly into the mixture before pouring it into the pan. I used more squash and flour than the recipe called for in order to give it a better consistancy. I also let it set up a little in the mixing bowl before baking. It resembled a pumpkin pie taste - - which my family loves! It was very easy to make and easy to remember. I gave the recipe to a friend right off the top of my head.

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bboydstun February 02, 2011

Wonderful! I made this for Shabbat diner using the following substitutes, ww flour, soy milk, and brown sugar. It was delicious! The 9 x 13 Pyrex pan was perfect. I served it as a side dish and was enough for 12 people. Next time I will try pumpkin or sweet potato. Thank You Msmd310

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SIG November 06, 2010

I served this for a Sukkot bbq. Big hit! Everyone loved it and wanted the recipe.

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Chava Cohen September 23, 2010

I made this for my husband and changed it to make it wheat free, dairy free, and also sugar free and it still turned out great. It's like a really healthy pumpkin pie. I just changed the flour to kamut flour, and sugar to agava syrup and only put in a little over a 14 cup, and the milk to rice milk. I had to cook it for about 8-10 min longer. Everyone loved it. No one knew how healthy it was for them. Great recipe

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sawanybird August 10, 2009

I made this using egg whites, splenda, wheat flour, and applesauce (instead of oil) and it was absolutely delicious!! it was good hot, but it was REALLY good cold with cool whip on top! Similar to pumpkin pie! I also used frozen squash and it was just fine. I'm going to add this to my recipe box!!!

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dektol088 November 03, 2008

This was so easy... and very delicious. I made it as a side for Thanksgiving dinner, but you could probably use it as a dessert too... which ever, it is so good...be forewarned though, this makes a lot... enough for at least eight people (I only had my Parents, my hubby and myself) but I had leftover to send home with my Mom and Dad, and it's GREAT warmed up for breakfast!

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Willowmim December 16, 2015

The first time I made this, I followed the directions exactly. It didn't come out like the picture at all. It was mushy and thin, but it tasted pretty good. The second time, I used 1 cup self-rising flour and I added about 1/2 tsp of nutmeg. The results were outstanding. Held together well, and of course it rose some, giving it loft and better texture. Big hit. Thanks for posting.

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topdog ollie February 24, 2015
Butternut Squash Souffle or Kugel