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This recipe is a lot of work! That being said, the way that the recipe is written it makes it look a lot more difficult than it really is. My other comments are: It takes way more liquid than this recipe states & although labor intensive, consider it a labor of love because the end result is amazingly good. Plan on hovering over the risotto (and stirring, and stirring...) while it cooks as it demands your attention.

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brianandgreg October 26, 2011

While a bit labor intensive, it's a labor of love because this dish is WONDERFUL! Will definitely make again when I have at least an hour and a half to devote to prep and cooking. I used chicken stock instead of veg. stock because that's what I had. Beautiful dish!

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mrsmudrash April 11, 2011

The directions are a bit of a disaster, but if you can manage to follow it, this recipe is simply amazing. Worth every bit of the effort.

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JacePriester March 20, 2011

Oh....yum! This is so good! I almost didn't make it after reading the directions, I'm becoming a lazy cook and this looked like more effort than I wanted to take. I've never made risotto and if I had I don't think this would have seemed as intimidating as it did. I wasn't nearly as much work as I had anticipated. I didn't have any fresh sage so I used about a teaspoon of dried and added it in stages, also I ran out of olive oil, so I used about a tablespoon of coconut oil. This was really delicious! Thanks for sharing the keeper recipe!

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Lucky in Bayview January 22, 2015

Can you say LABOR OF LOVE.. .I think that every time I make risotto. However, this time it was ABSOLUTELY WORTH IT!!! What a fabulous recipe - hands down the BEST risotto I have ever made. I had a butternut squash, onion and sage from my coop box and this was the perfect way to use it up! I followed the recipe exactly (except I skipped the whole saving the seeds/pulp and simmering them in the broth - too much work). WOW, WOW, WOW. Can't wait for dinner!!! UPDATE: I made this again last night and switched it up a bit. This time I roasted the squash the night before. I also used rainbow chard in place of the spinach which worked great. As I started to make it, I realized the only broth in the house was beef broth which was just fine. I also skipped the parm cheese and added about 3 T of nutrition yeast instead. Also didn't have sage, so I threw in some basil and marjoram. Second version was yummy too :) And one last update. . .I promise. . .I took the cold leftovers and made them into patties and coated the tops and bottoms with panko and pan fried them in vegan margarine and WOW was this delish! Served these little crispy (although they did want to fall apart) risotto cakes with a salad for a delightful lunch today. Hubby said he enjoyed the cakes with the crispy outside more than the creamy regular version on day one HOW ABOUT THAT! Next time I will cook them in the oven to see if they stay together better.

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JanuaryBride April 01, 2013
Butternut Squash Risotto With Spinach and Toasted Pine Nuts