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Everyone in the house loved this--the vegetarian and the meat eater! Used a vegetarian sausage instead of real sausage, used veggie broth, and had to replace rice with barley (oops!), but it turned out great. Next time, would add a larger/tarter apple, and possible stir more cheese into the casserole itself instead of just on the top. But even my pickiest eater, not a veggie fan, loved this. Thanks for sharing! Oh, and I loved roasting the squash this way--much easier to peel and clean!

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Chef MB November 06, 2011

Wow!!!! Just made this for the 1st time and can already tell I am going to be making this all the time. Perfect combination of savory and sweet. Would not change a thing! thank you!!

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Hot Cooking Mama October 14, 2013

We really enjoyed this recipe! It was very tasty and felt like a nice Fall comfort dish. Modifications were: subbing "No Chicken Broth" (vegetarian) for the chicken broth, extra broth for the white wine since I was out, and I used a vegetarian sausage, which worked fine. Also, my apple was a little on the larger side, so I felt the amount of sweetness was perfect. I topped the finished dish with more Parmesan. Thanks so much!

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Dr. Jenny November 03, 2012

Wonderful flavor! Very different, the flavors blend together so nicely. I too, would use 2 apples. I used a wild rice mixture which really set off the flavors. Since wild rice takes longer to cook, I used 2 cups of water and cooked rice while preparing rest of dish. I used 2 cups of broth and no extra water when mixing dish in pan before pouring into casserole. Also used extra cheese. Great healthy meal, thanks for the post. This is a keeper.

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tjgood December 13, 2011

Very tasty! I made a few changes - replaced rice with 1.5 cups quinoa, also, I had some baby spinach on hand and added it to the casserole dish before pouring the rest of the mixture into it. I also doubled the parmesan. The family really liked it. Great recipe.

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jageaw February 15, 2011

First off, roasting the squash before peeling and cutting made it so much easier to prepare! I had to make a few slight changes to accomidate what I had on hand. I used vegetarian sausage, muscato wine that I had opened in the fridge for the white wine, a granny smith for the apple, dried spices and I was just a little short on the rice so I topped it off with brown rice. I also added extra garlic, which is normal for every recipe for my garlic loving family. I will proabably make the same changes if I make it again, as everyone in my very picky family gave this 4 or 5 stars. That barely ever happens!

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whtbxrmom November 20, 2015

This is too dang good. Followed the recipe, but added a bit more wine. :) used andouille sausage which gave it a nice kick. My boyfriend who hates all things squash loved it. So delicious and savory! Will try with barley next time!

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erharda September 19, 2015

This recipe was a success. I am going to share a few shortcuts I took.<br/>1) Microwave the squash for 2 minutes per pound. Mine took 10 minutes. Prick some holes in the skin, nuke away, then let cool enough to handle, seed, peel, cube.. <br/>2) One pot cooking all the way. Use a pan that will go in the oven, maybe a 4 qt saucepan.<br/> --Cook the sausage til almost done, then put in the onions, then the apples and garlic. Stir often.<br/>--When those are soft, put in the raw rice and the sage and saute a bit<br/>--Now add the water and broth, not preheated. Let the whole mess get to simmering.<br/>--Add the squash, wine and thyme, salt and pepper.<br/>3) Now pop the whole thing in the oven. You have no other pans to wash!<br/>4) This is a cautionary note. Do not use the already grated parmesan that is in the green can. If you don't have parmesan to grate, use a different grated cheese. I tried the packaged grated parmesan, and it was definitely not melty and bubbly, I'd try the packaged grated Italian cheeses next time, or try and get some real grated parmesan in the special cheese section.

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ikwewe February 13, 2015

After reading reviews we were confident in a few tweaks, we used the rice we had, jasmine, and added an extra apple. It was awesome. Pre-cooked our rice. Used the recipe instruction on roasting the squash, however it was not roasted in 30 minutes,maybe mine was too big. Use your own method or allow up to an hour to roast the squash. I am not a big fan of canned grated parmesan, so we instead added shavings of the hard parmesan into each bowl when served. I also will add more apples next time, I plan to try four. I loved this more than I expected since I am not a sausage fan. I can't wait to eat the leftovers if my husband doesnt beat me to it! We felt this would also be great with sauteed mushrooms and will also try with quinoa.

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valeriefromWI November 16, 2014

We loved this. Even the teenager ate seconds. We have been trying to eat better but love our comfort food. The was definitely comforting. Made as written except that I used dried thyme. Also, since I was using my dutch oven on the stovetop I just baked it in that. Thank you for this winner of a recipe

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Keolani October 27, 2014
Butternut Squash, Rice and Sausage Casserole