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WOW! My kids loved this. And they found out halfway through that it had a big helping of squash in it. their only complaint was that it didn't really taste cheesy. I used Monterrey Jack and Swiss, so next time I definitely be using a sharp cheddar. I also used half whole wheat pasta and half regular, which worked wonderfully. I wasn't really wowed by the cottage cheese (my standard ricotta replacement), because it was too chunky for me. I think I will leave it out next time, as there is plenty of sauce for this. :) We will be making this again, what a great one dish meal! thank you for sharing.

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CraftScout February 22, 2010

I loathe macaroni and cheese, and *I* enjoyed this dish! It turned out a little dry, so I think I cooked down the milk too much - and I'll have to play with that to get the end result a good consistency. This dish was really flavorful, though, slightly sweet with a small kick and a an aftertaste that made you crave more. I love that it has the squash included, making it more nutritious than the traditional dish. We'll be making this again!

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Tau November 09, 2008

We are mac 'n cheese lovers but are always looking for something a little different to try. My husband is not a big butternut squash fan, so I made sure to mash it up to disguise it somewhat. While he didn't realize there was butternut squash included, he did comment that it could have been creamier and it was lacking in flavor. Overall it was okay, but don't think we'll make again.

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deepfreeze November 18, 2008
Butternut Macaroni and Cheese (With Squash)