Buttermilk Panna Cotta

READY IN: 2hrs 15mins
Recipe by quotPink Eyedquot J

The Buttermilk in this Panna Cotta recipe gives a wonderful tang to a normally dull sweet-milk taste. This is just slightly sweet, and wonderfully easy to make. Use my strawberry-pomegranate coulis, or even just whipped cream on top to serve.

Top Review by kiwidutch

DH adored this dessert, and has asked for it to be put into my handwritten cookbook. I liked it a little less, but that was definiately due to my personal taste in desserts rather than there being anything at all wrong with this recipe :) One of our houseguests chose this recipe for us and made it too... I didn't have any whipped cream to accompany it with so presented the dish with some chocolate shavings scattered over the top. We used 2.5 teaspoons of gelatine and the consistancy was excellent. Buttermilk is called "Karnemelk" here in The Netherlands and it gives this recipe a little something extra that using ordinary milk just wouldn't give. We were impressed by the ease of making, simplicity of the recipe, but most of all the great taste. Please see my rating system, a very well deserved 4 stars. Thanks !!!

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  1. In a small saucepan, combine the cream, sugar, and vanilla.
  2. Heat until warm (about 140 degrees F) or until vanilla has had enough time to steep and sugar is dissolved.
  3. While cream is heating, dissolve the gelatin in about 1/4 cup of room temperature water, in a medium bowl.
  4. Once cream has heated sufficiently, pour the mixture over the gelatin in the bowl and stir until fully dissolved.
  5. Stir in the buttermilk slowly, until just combined.
  6. Divide into 8 ramekins, and chill for 2 hours, or until set.

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