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Before getting on with my review, I want to say " I'm very pleased to be the first one to rate this recipe " :) . This recipe was made on 2/1/13 for mine and my SO's dinner. Instead of the legs, 3 large boneless skinless chicken breasts pounded into a 1/2 inch thickness was used.The amounts of the flour and buttermilk were cut in half. Instead of using garlic salt and onion salt, the same amounts of garic powder and onion powder were used.I didn't using the the salt that was in the recipe,Instead as I was frying the chicken each piece was sprinkled with salt. And of course, the chicken was fried in a Cast Iron Skillet. My SO gives this recipe a " GOOD SOLID ****'s ",and coming from him that's a big compliment. :). And I too thought it was pretty good. Thanks for posting, and " Keep Smiling :) "

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Chef shapeweaver � February 03, 2013
Buttermilk Fried Chicken