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Mighty fine, I made my first scones! They were different than I expected, but when I checked the definition of "scone", all conditions were met. I loved the savory cheese. I'm glad I didn't obsess, rather I let things roll, and hoped all would turn out. Fortunately, if I had made any errors, no problems surfaced. The night before I had premeasured everything except the shallots, butter, buttermilk and eggs, so all my "cold" things were indeed cold, and the shallots cooled to barely warm before mixing. These were by far the easiest thing to turn out onto a pastry mat, and then reform to use all remaining dough. Thank you Baby Kato for giving me the encouragement in your Recipe Description to try this delicious recipe. Made for Rookie Recipe Tag.

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KateL March 05, 2014

Outstanding. I made these to go along with a beef stew yesterday evening and they really were the hit if the meal. Like diner, I made 4 and DH and I each wiped out two. They worked well as dunkers to soak up the stew liquid. Perhaps not classy but certainly tasty, lol. My final comment: I want some more!

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Annacia February 03, 2013

Wonderful flavorful and moist scones!!! Just loved the flavorful combo of the shallots and cheddar cheese in these scones. I made 1/2 of the recipe and had 4 nicely sized scones using my biscuit cutter. Served them with some scrambled eggs and sausage for a wonderful brunch. Thanks for sharing another great recipe BK. Made for Newest Tag Game.

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diner524 September 28, 2012

The ingredients list looks a bit intimidating in advance, and I'll admit I had misgivings about the shallots. However, it all went together quickly and the end product is fabulous! My baking times were less than suggested, so watch that, but you will definitely enjoy these scones!

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Lavender Lynn September 25, 2012
Buttermilk, Cheese, Shallots & Potato Scones