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The first time I made this bread, I added 4 tsps gluten, as other reviewers suggested, it came out fine, but I did have to add liquid during the kneeding and the machine was really laboring during the kneeding process. The 2nd time I made this bread, I added two additional tablespoons of buttermilk and 3 (instead of 4) tsps of gluten. I also set it for a 2 lb loaf setting. My machine was very happy, kneeded without concerns, and made a loaf that was just about as perfect as you can get out of a bread machine - better than shelf bought. It was very soft, yet I could slice very thin slices, which is better both for prorational eating and for my pocketbook.

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Pam'sJoy January 20, 2009

A very, very good & BIG loaf of bread! Used the 3 tsp vital wheat gluten & additional 2T buttermilk recommended. Let it go through ABM dough cycle. Punched it down (wonderful elasticy nonsticky dough with lottsa bubbles) & put in a greased 10 inch dough pan. Ran out of steam & put in fridge for overnight. Todat brought to room temp over a couple of hours & baked at 350 degrees F for 40 minutes. My, oh my, a wonderful loaf of bread with perfect sandwich texture. Awesome for our fresh-from-the-garden BLTs, BT's & T's sandwiches. Will be mixing up another batch this pm. Plan to put into 2 9 inch loaf pans for overnight rise as this first loaf rose to nearly 9 inches! Will also decrease honey to 2 T & sub in some leftover potato I have. Thank you Bliss for a keeper!

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Buster's friend August 20, 2009


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Jenn717 April 06, 2013

I have to say this is our new favorite ABM bread recipe!! We made it several times just following the recipe. I would make the dough in my machine, and then I would punch it down, and form small rolls, I baked them at 350 for about 12 minutes. They came out soft and delicious. Today,, I made it following the instructions for Vital Wheat Gluten and extra buttermilk. They came out AWESOME!!!!!! The texture was perfect, and it rose beautifully. I was so impressed, I decided to make another loaf, this time in the bread machine the whole time, but I also added 2 Tbsp of bacon bits and 1/4 cup of sharp cheddar cheese... Waiting for it to finish baking now, but it smells heavenly!

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starryangel777 January 13, 2013

Nothing to say but EXCELLENT!!! Great with soup on these cold days. It was a hit at Christmas dinner with my whole family. Thanks, Carole

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carole in orlando December 30, 2012

Bread Bliss!
This was just like the buttermilk bread I had the other day from the store! The texture of this bread is the best I have ever baked: pillowy soft. You can bend a slice in half without it breaking. I did not use a bread machine; I used my Kitchenaid stand mixer for most of the kneading, then kneaded a couple minutes by hand. I baked this in a 4 x 8 inch loaf pan at 350 degrees for about 35 minutes, with a piece of foil over the top the last 10 minutes. Thanks for the recipe!

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dirndlfrau August 05, 2011


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CJJohnson April 15, 2011

Thank you, Bliss. This was exactly the recipe I was hoping to find for using
up the last 8-10 ounces of Bulgarian buttermilk in the fridge. Turned out perfectly in the ABM with
the coveted domed top. Most delicious toasted! Love the tangy taste! thank you! cg

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COOKGIRl August 05, 2010

Used a stand mixer to knead (11-13 mins) and baked in the oven with success. Great bread! It's a little more dense and chewier than the Amish white bread (another bread recipe here) which make it a better sandwich bread IMO. I reduced the salt to 1 1/4 tsp and sticked to the recipe otherwise. I used 2 tsp of fast rising yeast and did the normal twice rising thing. I baked at 350F for 17-18 mins and it's done (my current oven is hotter than the stated temperature).

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myoungp November 22, 2009

Bliss this bread is wonderful and thank you so much for posting the recipe! I made this for my DMIL to go along with her stuffed cabbage and she loved it too. A very mild sweet flavor, great crunchy crust, and inside soft and tender bread. I used the 2 teaspoons of bread machine yeast and think I will use that again when I make the bread. A great bread for toast, sandwiches, or even french toast!

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lauralie41 November 19, 2009
Buttermilk Bread-ABM