Total Time
3hrs 5mins
Prep 5 mins
Cook 3 hrs

Very good loaf of bread.

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  1. Do not use delayed bake feature.
  2. 1 1/2 lb.
  3. loaf.
  4. This recipe came with my Betty Crocker ABM and it's my favorite.
  5. After reading the review, it prompts me to mention that I often take loaves out of my machine a little early because I don't care for hard crusts either. I then take some milk and pour it over the sides of the bread, about 1 tbs. at a time. Butter works well too. This softens the crust a little.


Most Helpful

The first time I made this bread, I added 4 tsps gluten, as other reviewers suggested, it came out fine, but I did have to add liquid during the kneeding and the machine was really laboring during the kneeding process. The 2nd time I made this bread, I added two additional tablespoons of buttermilk and 3 (instead of 4) tsps of gluten. I also set it for a 2 lb loaf setting. My machine was very happy, kneeded without concerns, and made a loaf that was just about as perfect as you can get out of a bread machine - better than shelf bought. It was very soft, yet I could slice very thin slices, which is better both for prorational eating and for my pocketbook.

Pam'sJoy January 20, 2009

A very, very good & BIG loaf of bread! Used the 3 tsp vital wheat gluten & additional 2T buttermilk recommended. Let it go through ABM dough cycle. Punched it down (wonderful elasticy nonsticky dough with lottsa bubbles) & put in a greased 10 inch dough pan. Ran out of steam & put in fridge for overnight. Todat brought to room temp over a couple of hours & baked at 350 degrees F for 40 minutes. My, oh my, a wonderful loaf of bread with perfect sandwich texture. Awesome for our fresh-from-the-garden BLTs, BT's & T's sandwiches. Will be mixing up another batch this pm. Plan to put into 2 9 inch loaf pans for overnight rise as this first loaf rose to nearly 9 inches! Will also decrease honey to 2 T & sub in some leftover potato I have. Thank you Bliss for a keeper!

Buster's friend August 20, 2009

Made exactly according to recipe. Perfection. Tender, rises high. Makes a big loaf. Very happy.

tickledsassy December 01, 2015

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