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Yes, the grating of frozen butter is a lot of work, and yes, they do spread out because of the butter (I actually put one of mine too close to the edge of the baking sheet and have a resultant mess to clean up, lol) but TRUST ME... they are SOOOO worth it. Flakey, tender, yummy! I'll gladly clean my oven for another batch of these :)

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under12parsecs July 30, 2011

These make a great biscuit that would be a great addition to any meal. We loved them and will have them often!

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Let's Cook Lisa! February 13, 2009

DELICIOUS!! If I can make these biscuits successfully, anyone can! I won't lie, grating frozen butter is NOT fun, but so worth it in the end (thanks for sharing this awesome technique). I followed the clearly written instructions exactly and added the optional cheese but I used the preshredded stuff and it just dissapeared and didn't lend much of a flavor so next time I will try with a better quality cheddar. Other than that, I found it easier to distribute the buttermilk if I mixed and kneaded it all and then divided the dough before resting it. Also, I used Chipfo's advice and cut these into squares. WILL make again, THANKS KITTENCAL!!

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EM281 June 13, 2006

These are very good biscuits, I followed the recipe using the cheese and they turned out really well, just the right amount of sweetness, light and fluffy. I do have a suggestion though, If using stick margarine instead of unsalted butter, I would decrease the amount salt. Mine are a little salty but I am very sure it is because I used margarine, next time I will use real butter. I also halved the recipe and it worked out good, thanks Kitz! Edit - I had to come back to add to my original post above that my picture does not do these biscuits justice. For one, the angle of the picture doesn't show the rise, they rose very well. Two, I don't have a biscuit cutter so I cut them into squares LOL. By the way, I tasted my margarine, it tastes salty.

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Chipfo February 20, 2006

Oh my gosh, these were so delicious! I've never really been able to make a great biscuit until I tried this recipe. They were sinfully delicious and beautiful to look at too. Thank you Kittencal, once again, for an excellent recipe.

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Aunt Bee September 19, 2005

I wasn't going to review these until I made them again, as I had a little "mishap" while preparing this recipe...but they are Sooo good. They're light and fluffy and have just the right amount of sweetness, though not very pretty (My Fault). This is what happened...Everything was going really well, up until the buttermilk. I was drinking a glass of buttermilk while preparing the recipe and instead adding in my premeasured 3/4 cup of butter milk, I added the glass I was drinking!!! At least it WAS buttermilk and not OJ! LOL:D. They turned out in spite of me. Kitten, I will definitly be making these again when I can give them my full attention. Please try these, they are fantastic.

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Deely September 09, 2005
Buttermilk Angel Biscuits