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A lovely quick and very easy recipe to make. I used large dried sour cheeries, they were incredible in this recipe. I loved it, I reduced the recipe by half and ended up with two beautiful scones for myself to enjoy. What a treat. I will definitely make these again. Thanks for sharing another wonderful recipe ma lettle tart. Made for Aussie Swap #41 :)

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Baby Kato June 30, 2010

YUM! Very flaky and crunchy scones with a lovely soft interior. The cherries add a wonderful sweetish sour taste that makes the scones special! The low amount of sugar used is perfect as it makes the fruit be the star of the scone. :) I was so sceptical about the total lack of fat, but completely trusted your British scones knowledge and of course it worked out fabulously well. I really like the ease of preparation of this recipe and how quick everything went together. I made half the recipe ending up with 3 big scones, that I cut with my Easter cookie cutters. Perfect, what a treat! Made and reviewed for Veggie Swap #21 April 2010.

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Lalaloula April 03, 2010

I was able to whip this together very quickly. The tops were brushed with buttermilk and lightly drizzled with demerara sugar. Barberries subbed for sour cherries because I could not find them in the pantry! Where are they?! As for the salt, didn't know how much therefore added 1/4 teaspoon. Baked in an eight inch cast iron skillet and served with butter and strawberry jam. Thanks, FT. Reviewed for 8th Annual Photo Swap 2010. (200 C converts to approx. 390 F.)

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COOKGIRl January 25, 2010
Buttermilk and Sour Cherry Scones for Afternoon Tea and Picnics