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This is great! I am making this recipe tonight to take to the lounge room at the funeral home tomorrow where my family will be all day for my Aunt who passed away. I wanted something sweet, and easy to eat - finger food but not necessarily chocolate. Lets face it, EVERYONE brings chocolate - I like to be different. ;) This recipe was SO EASY! They TASTE GREAT! Major bonus points for this being so easy to follow that I was able to prep the dough and throw it in the fridge in the morning before work and then come home after a long day and not start filling and rolling until 10:00 p.m. AND THEY STILL TURNED OUT! My brain is fried right now from work, stress and exhaustion and I still managed to make these, and they taste good. It doesn't get better than that!

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Dvorak August 16, 2010

I fell in love with all kinds of Austrian pastries while traveling in Austria and dining at Vienna's Demel. I made these cookies as one of my Christmas gifts for my dad last year. Since my dad has a nut allergy, I substituted toasted sesame seeds for the walnuts or pecans. The dough bakes to be light and flaky while the cinnamon, brown sugar filling melts and caramelizes developing a surprisingly deep, delicious taste. My father actually mistook the filling for date spread or fig jam because of its intensely fragrant flavor. Thank you, Karen=^..^=, for this beautiful Eastern European delight!

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Garden Gate Kate November 15, 2014

I've had rugelach tons of times growing up, and they never did anything for me. However, today I needed to make something for my in-laws, and I had a huge block of cream cheese from costco in the fridge, so I decided to make these. After they finished one, I tried it just to make sure it was edible, and... it was soooo good! I couldn't believe it! Maybe I DO like rugelach, and just never had had good ones! They were easy and gorgeous. Only substitution was hazelnuts for walnuts.

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This Spatula September 20, 2014

I was hoping that these would have a flakier pastry. They tasted fine, but maybe since it was the first time I ever ate them I was expecting them to be different.

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Jade #3 December 28, 2008

This was so easy to make! My 9 yr old son helped and was so proud of himself, lol. They were delish.

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laurala78 December 18, 2008

I don't think anyone should write a review if they don't follow the recipe as it appears. Especially if they leave out a crutial ingredient.

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kimber234 December 03, 2008

I made these today as part of my jump-start on Christmas baking. The dough was very easy to work with and the directions were simple to follow. Although the first couple of trays I made didn't look as pretty, once I got the hang of rolling and glazing I found the process to go very quickly. The taste was exactly what I was looking for. For some reason mine turned out too small for the optional "curving shape". Thank you so much for posting this recipe. These are a keeper and I'm glad I decided to try them!

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Outnumbered By Peanuts November 16, 2008

I had an old recipe for Rugelach that I misplaced, and when I saw this recipe, I was hoping that it would be the same one. That didn't work out, but they were good, tho not what I expected. It was always hard for me to roll a circle with dough, but the filling seemed a bit dry and lots of it fell off the dough, even tho I followed exactly as written. They do look a lot harder to make, than they really are, but my expectations were higher. Sorry that I couldn't give it a higher rating, but they still are a worthy cookie to make and serve to company. I will try them again, and try and figure some way to moisten the filling so that it doesn't fall off. I also think (not sure) that my old recipe called for cream cheese in the dough, which may be the reason why it tasted different from what I expected. Thank you, Karen, for sharing this recipe. ADDED NOTE: I was informed by Karen that the reason that some of the filling fell out, was because I did not press it into the dough; something that I will do next time, after librally brushing it with the egg white glaze. Also, I regretfully neglected to add the cream cheese (major oversight). I somehow missed that important ingredient, and therefore, the rating. As soon as I bake these again, I will re-rate this recipe, and make the proper adjustment. My apologies to Karen!

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Maggie in Florida December 23, 2007

I made two batches of these for a cookie exchange it made over 9 dozen mini schnecken. Plus, how awesome is Schnecken to say? :) They are very good and pretty darn easy too!

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Teffy December 18, 2007

These were awesome! They didn't take all that long and very easy to make. Taste delicious! Simple yet elegant. What a treat!! This recipe a keeper. Thank you for sharing.

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forthefunofit April 26, 2007
Butterhorns Aka Rugelach / Rugulach / Snails / Schnecken