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This is to die for delicious! I made as posted and did use the sherry wine vinegar which is just cooking sherry wine. The chicken came out so moist and full of good flavor. My personal option is to delete the almonds and parsley. I think they are only there for presentation not for flavor.I used half of the posted ingredients of the almonds and parsley. And they seemed to cover most of the chicken. I used a 4 lb chicken and cooked it an additional 10 mins during step 2. I also drizzled the honey chipotle sauce on the chicken instead of brushing because it just seemed easier. I tasted the sauce and it was spicy but once it hit the chicken and cooked it lost it spiciness. :( That was the only disappointment in this recipe. Once it was plated I decided to pour the juices from the cookie sheet on the chicken. Yum! This is a keeper and a must make. PUT IT ON YOUR BUCKET LIST! Thanks for posting.

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teresas April 13, 2011

This is divine! I served this with some jasmine rice and it is so good! I mis-read the ingredients and used Sherry rather than Sherry wine vineger!No wonder it was so good! Seriously, it was so very good. Thank you Sharon for aother keeper!

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FLUFFSTER February 13, 2010

I can't put stars on it yet... but it was good... I didn't make it exact but I will next time!! ;O)

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Seasons April 14, 2010
Butterflied Chicken With Herbs and Sticky Lemon