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These are so good, and very sweet! I was amazed at how much ganache each cupcake could hold, but still had quite a bit left over. The buttercream was very easy to work with and piped well, and it held its shape.

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domesticgothess October 19, 2013

I made this recipe for a customer, per her request, and I found that you can easily halve the ganache quantity but double the frosting quantity. You will still have enough ganache to make a double batch of frosting. Its so sweet you don't need a lot of filling per cupcake. Also, if you're not serving them soon after you fill them, make a dam with some of the frosting before filling. Before I added the cream when making the frosting I took some frosting out and used corn starch to flatten and roll it out a bit. Then I used an apple corer to make a little hole in the cupcake. Then I put a piece of the flattened frosting inside the hole. I finished making the frosting by adding cream then added it on top. By doing this it makes the filling stay put and not make the cupcake mushy.

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Melissa J. August 27, 2015

DD and friends are big Harry Potter fans. So we HAD to make these cupcakes. The cake has more of a muffin texture. I wish they were a little lighter. The ganache helps, but can make them mushy if you make them ahead of time. While they were good, they were a little time consuming for the end result. Not against making them again, but we will tweak and continue looking for those perfect Potter cupcakes!

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whtbxrmom September 15, 2014
Butterbeer Cupcakes