Butter-Roasted Caramel Marshmallows

Total Time
Prep 1 min
Cook 5 mins

Mmmm... Hot gooey marshmallows in buttery crisp caramel! You won't have just one! :O) We've been enjoying these around every campfire since I was a little girl. (My mom's brainy idea!) And everyone whose ever tried these never wants plain-roasted marshmallows again!! :O)


  1. So simple!
  2. Just roll a marshmallow in real butter.
  3. Then put the marshmallow on the end of a long sharpened stick.
  4. Then roast it (turning marshmallow slowly) over hot campfire coals until crispy golden brown (Caramelly! Mmmm...).
  5. May take a few marshmallows to get it just right- but you'll really enjoy trying!


Most Helpful

Brilliant idea... I agree with the review stating they taste a lil like rice crispy treats... my nephew and I had a blast playing with the marshmallows before roasting them... we probably ate a whole bag in one night... not good for my butt, but great for fun food! Thanks for posting!

SueBelcher August 09, 2005

I only give a 1 star if I feel the recipe is poses a danger and I am very sorry to have to do so for this recipe. These did not work out at all for me and I would not attempt them again. The butter started to melt and drip into the fire, causing the flames to shoot up higher. This was very dangerous and both my husband and daughter got burnt using this method. We have been roasting marshmallows for many years and this was the only time I had this happen. Our grill flames were very low and I did not put tons of butter on the marshmallows, just enough to coat them. I did get to eat mine,and it tasted much the same as those grilled without butter.

HeatherFeather July 02, 2004

this was neat...between my kids & I we went through half a bag of marshmallows lol...they get crispy and chewy on the outside. The taste is reminiscent of Rice Krispies treats without the cereal lol

JanetB-KY June 16, 2004

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