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This is a wonderful recipe, I've used it for the last 3 years for Christmas treat gifting, and always get raves from my friends! I often substitute 1/2 cup sweetened condensed milk plus 2 Tbsp regular milk to thin it for the cream and it's great and sets up fine. I would add that pre-sifting the confectioner's sugar helps with lumps, and once it's mixed together, mix, mix, and mix it up for a good minute or two. This years batch came out extra creamy for adding this step. I sometimes leave out the pecan's as many in my family dislike them...it's still awesome and easy fudge! Thanks Theresa/Thunderbird!! This is the number one fudge in my circle!

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Moonsinger December 11, 2006

This is really not fudge, but is almost just like pralines! Whatever you call it, it's delish. The recipe worked out just fine and has great flavor. The only change I will make next time are to chop up the pecans rather than leave them whole. The "fudge" is very crumbly and falls apart around each pecan, I'm thinking smaller pieces would mitigate that somewhat. Thanks for sharing!

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Digigirl December 01, 2008

We all really enjoyed this a lot. I toasted the pecans in a saute with butter, then removed the nuts from the butter to a paper towel, to allow any excess to drip off. I left the residual butter in the pan, which was lightly browned and with a hint of pecan taste, and proceeded with recipe. Yummy and very easy, thank you, Theresa.

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Ismy Echo December 18, 2006

The first issue I had when I set out to make this was that I had no idea how to toast pecans – so for those of you who don’t know either – simply put a couple tbsp of butter in a pan on medium heat with the pecan halves and sprinkle a bit of brown sugar on them – when they begin to brown – pull them off. Let me tell you – I am not a pecan fan (my hubby is) but toasted pecans are delicious! Ok, so the second issue I ran into was that when I think of fudge – I think chocolate. And it wasn’t until I’d begun heating the butter, sugars, and cream that I realized there was no chocolate in the recipe! Since DH was expecting a chocolate fudge with pecans, I quickly tossed 1/3 cup of Ghirardelli’s Sweet Ground Chocolate (& Cocoa) into the pot and completed the recipe as directed. Well, what came out was a bit too coarse for smooth cutting, but the flavor what outstanding! The family ate it up and loved it!

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Meghan Williams August 14, 2005

Tastes incredible! Like a few other reviewers, my fudge came out a little dry and crumbly too, but the taste more than makes up for that.

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Delicious as it Looks September 11, 2014

Great recipe! Made this for Christmas gifts and it was a hit! I was asked to share the recipe. I will add that it should be boiled for the full 5 minutes as stated to achieve a smooth texture. Otherwise it can be grainy and crumbly. I also used the candied pecans and skipped the toasting step. After two batches I decided that the pecans should be added last so the powdered sugar can be mixed thoroughly. I also chilled it in the fridge so it would set up quicker.

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SweetMe! January 11, 2013

I really wasn't impressed with this recipe at all. I was really disapointed in how the fudge crumbled on me as I was trying to cut it. Due to all the reviews it makes me wonder if it was because of something I did wrong. I'm not rating it with stars yet, at least until I can try it at least one more time.

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Johnsdeere January 15, 2011

This is the only confection that is always included in my round up of sweets every year. I am a chocolate fanatic, but as a pecan lover, the melt in your mouth consistency makes this my favorite "fudge" of all time! I always use chopped pecans and I so appreciate the tip on sautéing them! Makes it even better!

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EFG December 21, 2010

I usually have trouble making fudge. This is an excellent recipe, not only for being easy, but also it tastes great and has a good texture, not heavy or gritty. Thanks for the recipe.

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Toni in Colorado December 04, 2010

I absolutely love quick fudge recipes and this is one of the best I've come across so far. Extremely delicious, quick to prepare and a little piece satisfies the sweet tooth. I also toasted my pecans in butter. Thanks for sharing.

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Roxanne J.R. January 13, 2010
Butter Pecan Fudge