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I too enjoyed these cookies as a kid at school and have been looking for this recipe for years! Thank you! It's perfect. I would advise ( for us toffee challenged) to make the toffee first b4 preheating the oven and mixing the dry ingredients. Also w/ the toffee it helps if you put the sugar in first, butter pats on top, and cover over med heat until it dissolves then reduce to achieve perfect toffee color. Thanks again!

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dm November 17, 2009

Don't waste your time. the directions are bad and the ingredient amounts are incorrect. I just spent 3 hours trying to make it work. and it didn't

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Rosalie R. December 22, 2013

Nothing about this recipe seemed correct. First, without having clear time estimate for the toffee, I just waited until it was bubbling heavily, but the toffee pieces came out real soft and probably underdone.

As for the dough, I followed the measurements to a tee, but it was extremely dry and crumbly. I ended up adding another egg and an extra 2-3 tbsp butter before I got a doughy consistency.

Lastly, and maybe the extra ingredients had something to do with it, but ~10 minutes at 325? did not do the trick. I raised the temp to 350 and have had them in for over 15 minutes, but they still are not browned.

So unless my oven and measuring utensils are all playing tricks on me, there is definitely something amiss with this recipe.

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shwax73 April 29, 2012

I found this on the Land O Lakes website:
Toffee sometimes separates during cooking, leaving a buttery looking layer on the surface and a thicker mixture underneath since the emulsion of the water and fat has broken. This is hard to predict. Here are some guidelines to follow if toffee separates:
%u2022 We suggest allowing it to continue cooking. The candy may re-mix on its own.
%u2022 Otherwise, we have found gradually and very carefully stir in about ? to ? cup hot water, 1 tablespoon at a time, while cooking, stirring well, until the mixture goes back together. Add only enough water to bring the toffee mixture back together; too much water will make the candy sticky.
%u2022 Continue cooking candy until the proper temperature is reached.

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moxiemamma March 07, 2012

This is a great recipe. I chose to scale the recipe down to 24 cookies. Here's a few tips for this recipe: 1) if the dough is too thick add a tablespoon of butter. If you want a cake like texture add both 1 tablespoon of butter, and 2 tablespoons of milk. I love this recipe, and it is the closest I have come to a homemade Linden's Butter Crunch cookie recipe yet. I see some people have a problem with the toffee. Here's my recommendations for that: 1) let the butter melt completely then add the sugar, and a tablespoon of water. The water will help avoid separation. Use a candy or kitchen thermometer to get the mixture to 285-299 F. Anything above 300 F, and your toffee will start to burn. At 299 F the toffee will be a rich dark brown color. Stop stirring and upend the whole pot over a lightly greased cookie sheet. When the toffee is hardened you can break it up with a knife handle. Go for small pieces, although there will be some good sized medium chunks that produce a nice marbling effect once the cookie is baked. Like the author said go for a light top, and a golden brown bottom. And be patient, allowing for the most spread. 325 is a temp to bake these cookies at. Adjust your temps for high altitudes. This is important, for it can effect the outcome of the cookies.

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Anonymous May 26, 2015

These were great. I cheated and instead of making my own butter toffee, I used broken up Werther's hard toffee. Tasted close enough and was so easy!

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flannery d. February 09, 2015

This recipe was a good base, but I had to do so many tweaks to make it work.

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Boston Baker Boy January 31, 2015

I shouldn't rate since I haven't made this but I do intend to. I never can understand how some people can rate awful and some 5 star. There are enough 5 stars to make this worth trying. Regarding the toffee, I make caramel often and have learned if you brush down the sides of the pan with a (silicon) brush lightly dipped in water, the caramel will not crystalize (it should work the same with toffee and it isn't enough water to effect the recipe). Also, the correct temperature to reach on a candy thermometer when making toffee is 285 degrees according to allrecipes.com. The temperature will go up quickly at first but then rises very, very slowly so you have to be patient. Good luck.

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Judy W. December 26, 2013

Soooo good! My husband ate the other cookies in school also. I made these for him and he absolutely loved them.

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Cookingfrugal August 23, 2012

I did the toffee mixture first. With no instructions as to the colour e.g. light brown, dark brown to look for I didn't know exactly when to remove it from the stove. It was bubbling, thick and a caramel colour. It's currently lying in a pool of butter and I don't think I'll complete the receipe. Please be explicit especially when talking of a candy.

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helenkeenan April 11, 2010
Butter Crunch Cookies