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Wow-za ! Super yummy. I skipped the flour in the butter and just spread room temp butter on the cold dough and chilled it. Then followed the rest of the directions about folding rolling and chilling. These are much better than any restaurant or bakery I've ever had them from because they have whole ingredients ever read the ingredients on the case at Costco? Not good . My family loved these. My children couldn't wait for dessert last night. I sprinkled a few chocolate chips on them before rolling them into croissants and they were amazing. I did half plain also and those were fantastic to. Just depends on your mood. Next time I will just drizzle melted chocolate on top so I can make them into desert to use them for sandwiches. I'm hoping the dough will freeze well because I'm going to pre make these and pop them in the oven as needed for home lunches and breakfast. This is a keeper and will be making often .Thank you for the recipe :)

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Juliansmommy! September 06, 2014

These are time consuming but definitely worth it in the end. Even if they don't look perfect they make the ones you buy at the store taste like cheap dinner rolls. I had a little trouble at first when I was shaping the croissants until I learned to just leave the dough triangle on the table and use my fingertips to stretch the triangle of dough out to the proper size.

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_ December 28, 2008

These were excellent! The process was a bit long but the result was worth it! I didn't soften my butter at all and just used a box grater to grate the butter and just rolled it into the dough. The recipe makes a lot of croissants and I only used half the dough the first day and then used the rest a couple of days later (from the fridge) to make a croissant loaf - which made EXCELLENT sandwiches. Thank you for the great recipe and wonderful directions!

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HSingARMYmom November 27, 2008

Oh my gosh! These croissants are nothing like the ones I used to get from the bakery department at the grocery store. I never knew what a good croissant was suppose to taste like until I made these. I'll admit that the recipe is rather involved and time consuming but it's worth it. I just wish they'd rise faster.

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chefmork82 August 28, 2008
Butter Croissants