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These are "To Die For". Thank you for posting the recipe. I make them in the Bread Machine using the dough cycle then proceed with shaping and baking as per normal. I put a pan of water on the floor of the oven (this helps crisp up the rolls during baking). They are on the table in 2 hours and gone in 10 minutes. I bake one half/freeze one half of the dough or bake the whole dough recipe then freeze half the baked rolls for later. When needed, I put the frozen rolls in a cold oven, switch oven on to 200 degrees C and set the timer for 10 minutes only. This defrosts, warms and re-crisps the rolls. And the kitchen smells like a bakery too!

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salbhh July 26, 2010

These are AWESOME! I tend to need to leave them in just a little longer than 15 minutes, and they get a beautiful golden color. I always make these for church - if I can get my husband to leave them alone long enough to make it there!!

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beky1204 September 25, 2010
Butter Crescent Rolls