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im 14 and i still couldnt tell the difference from the restraunt b.c.

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me2desk September 06, 2008

This is an excellent flavor loaded recipe for butter chicken. Instead of fresh tomatoes I used a14 oz can of stewed tomatoes that I put through the blender - I cut the recipe in half and cut the butter back a bit more than half. The fenugreek adds a special flavor - don't miss it. I didn't have the coriander for the garnish!. Dinner was enjoyed thanks Troy!

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Bergy July 21, 2008

Well, I suppose all cooks experience the dissapointment of having to toss out an entire pot of food. This was my first time in a long while, and I'm still upset about it. I followed the recipe to the to the letter with two exceptions - I used tomato puree in stead of boiling down fresh tomatos. I was unable to get the fenugreek leaves. As I said, I followed the recipe and 1/2 way through I could tell with my nose this was not the delictable dish Ive eaten a dozen times in my local Indian haunts. The butter and tomato did not homogonize and I kept hopping with heat and stirring they would. Sadly, no. I marinaded the chicken as instructed. The yogart added a sour taste to the meat, and then later to the sauce. After par-cooking the meat, I let it cool a bit before adding it to my butter and seperated sauce. The butter began to bind to the yoguart, but it was not smooth, and the smell was awful. In for a penny in for a pound, I added the last few ingredients, and capped it. I was sad because I can tell when I am cooking if I am going to like something just by the way my mouth waters from the aroma. This smell was bad. I say sour, because even the smell made me pucker. I let the dish cool in hopes the flavors would mature, as is my experience with Indian foods, they are usually better the next day. Well, not so. The overpowering yogart taste was not helped by the extra greazy butter texture. The yogart was clotted throughout the dish. At first I thought maybe my yogart was rancid, but after eating a few tablespoons of it, I had to rule that out. I was making this dish for my fiancee, luckily he can read me like a book. He could see my fustration and got the menu book before I did. I can think of a few things to make this better. Namely, no yogart. I might try sour cream, but I wouldnt marinate the food in it, or leave the marinade on as I did & the added it to the sauce. The white pepper was terrible. I have never cooked with it before, and figured it would tast like black pepper. NO it does not. Also, as good of an idea as a half pound of butter in my food seemed prior to making this dish - never again. It was so much the food could not absorb it, and it just made a terrible mess and was hard to clean up afterwards. Everything was so greasy!! Oh well. I am glad to have had the experience. I will probably try another butter chicken recipe in the future. but for now, Ill just get it as a lunch special. Thanks to everyone who answered the Post in Q&A- US

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Ultraswayed May 01, 2006
Butter Chicken