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I loved how quick and easy this was. I was skeptical that the chicken wouldn't be as tender as Indian restaurants, but it was fantastic. I am glad I read the note that it is CAYENNNE pepper, not "Chili". I had originally mixed the spices with Chili powder, then threw it out and remade with Cayenne Chili Pepper. All the spices were on hand as was all the other ingredients, which was nice! It was sooo good, and now, I have made a jar of this spice mix to do quickie Butter Chicken any day of the week.

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Eat and be Merry April 02, 2010

so simple and yummy! i did however change it a wee bit to cut down on the cream. i added a chicken bouillon cube and water to the onion/garlic portion and let that cook down a bit before adding the seasoned chicken. i then used a bit of sour cream as well as about a 1/4 cup of cream. i then added a splash of sugar to break down the acidity and a wee bit more salt. turned out amazing!

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wannabedomesticgoddess May 28, 2010

If I could give this 10 stars, I would -- 5 for how easy it was to make and 5 more for how AMAZING it tastes. It's hard to find recipes that both my husband and 1-year-old will eat, and they both scraped their dishes clean! I made it just like it said, only I noticed other butter chicken recipes calling for yogurt, so I through in 1/4 cup with the cream as I had some on hand. My only regret is not having found this recipe sooner.

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705024 May 21, 2009

We enjoyed the richness of this quick and easy dish! For health reasons, we substituted 3% yogurt for the fresh cream, and added a bit more tomato paste to increase the sweetness and acidity. A quick note: I've found that when Indian recipes call for chili powder it refers to cayenne, not our western-style chili powder as those spices don't grow there. Thus, I used 1/2 teaspoon of cayenne, though that could be adjusted according to taste. Thanks for sharing a lovely, versatile recipe.

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Marina K February 09, 2008

I liked how this was very easy to make and dinner was on the table in less than an hour. The only thing I would change when I make this again, is to cut back on the cinnamon. The cinnamon was almost too overpowering in the dish, but other than that, it was very tasty.

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mmmmyummy August 15, 2011

I really like this recipe for Butter Chicken. I have been making this for about 6mnths now for the school canteen I run, very popular amongst dtudents & staff......sorry that I have not reviewed before.
This chicken is tender & very tasty.
I add extra chilli powder for hubby & I.

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Bellamarie. August 03, 2010

Having never made butter chicken before I was very pleased with the recipe. I substituted skim milk and added some fresh grated ginger in with the onions and garlic. I thickened with a little flour - I used the chicken pan scrapings with a bit of water then added the flour. Much better than those jar sauces. Will continue to enjoy - thank you :)

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TeeMcF May 26, 2009

Very good but we doubled the chilli powder and halved the cinnamon.

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cuppycakes April 24, 2012

Very impressed with the taste of this easy recipe-a definite keeper! I didn't adhere to the teaspoon amounts but adjusted to taste, and put in a sprinkle of red pepper flakes for a hint of 'kick'. Also doubled the sauce, and by doing so used plain yogurt in place of the second portion of cream making it a bit heavier to coat the chicken. I used chicken thighs, baked in the oven with olive oil rather than fry- threw these in a crockpot to keep warm while I made the sauce on the stove, which I then combined with the chicken. Jasmine rice finished the dish. Wow!

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JLKeh November 11, 2014

great recipe, i followed the advice of previous reviewers, reducing the cinnamon and the salt. I also added butter at the last minute as one person suggested. Husband stated he couldn't stop eating it- he loved it. I think it is a bit spicier than butter chicken i've had in New Zealand, though for us the amount of spice was very agreeable. thanks for a great recipe. <br/>You should edit the chili pepper to read as cayenne if that is really what it should be.<br/>thank you.

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Renee Craven Deierling July 25, 2014
Butter Chicken