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I made these as lemon bars and they were FANTASTIC. Very rich and good. I added a little lemon juice to the cream cheese mixture that goes in the top layer, and I could have added more for a little more lemon tang. Great recipe and thanks for sharing.

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Becky in Wisconsin December 11, 2011

I must admit, I knew I had a regular cake mix in the cabinet, when, SURPRISE, I figured out it was a lemon cake mix. I had already started, so I went ahead and made it 'lemon' butter bars. They turned out well, with the 'crust' coming up and 'enveloping' the edges of the topping. I sent some with my MIL on vacation, but I'm super glad I saved as many for us as I did. They are sweet and rich, so small pieces are good! We sure did enjoy these. Thanks for sharing, Good Cook Wanda!

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alligirl October 14, 2011

I love this! I call it butter cake! I like it best at room temp or slightly warm! People I have given the recipe to have used all different types of cake mix, including chocolate! I have had one where the topping even had a marshmallow flavor! This is great! And so easy to make!

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Marguerite214 December 11, 2006
Butter Bars