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The flavors of chocolate, hazelnut and coffee all in one drink - how can this not be good? It is more than good, it's delicious and really warms you up when that fall chill starts to hit the air. Thank you for sharing - a wonderful coffee.

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Lainey6605 September 09, 2011

Yum, I made this wonderful drink twice yesterday, omg it was good. Love coffee and liquers it is my secret passion. I used Starbuck French Roast Extra Bold coffee, Tequila Rose Cocoa Cream and Frangelico. It was so tasty and fragrant, my dh who doesn't drink asked me what I was having because it smelled so good. I made one exactly as written and for the second one I used whipped cream for garnish (my weakness). Thanks so much for sharing my new favorite specialty coffee, I know that I'll be enjoying this often.

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Baby Kato September 20, 2012
Burnt Sienna Hazelnut