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Healthy and colourful! There are 5 1/2 veggies in this one dish!;) I used sliced Chinese cabbage, as I could not get bok choy, and I used yellow bell pepper instead of green (don't like the taste of the green very much). I also used more red chillies, as I thought 1/8 teaspoon was really not enough! And I added some chopped fresh ginger as well. Dripped over sesame oil as a finishing touch, and voila! A one-pot (or one-wok) veggie side dish which was perfect with meat and rice leftovers tonight! Oh, I did make a salad, too. Thanks you, Sharon, for a lovely, healthy veg dish!

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Zurie May 07, 2011

I also didn't have bok choy, so used a small red cabbage, which changed the colours , but still gave me an excellent healthy stir-fried veggie supper! I also added a thinly sliced onion.. we like onion :) .. sauteed the onion and garlic quickly before adding all the other veggies. Served over brown rice. thanks for another excellent recipe, Sharon!

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Karen Elizabeth September 10, 2008

This is now on our regular veggie recipe rotation! I couldn't get boy choy so added fresh asparagus which is in season right now. I sauted the garlic and red chili together for about a minute in the hot oil before adding the veggies to the Wok. Also, I used a full chopped red chili in rather than just 1/8th of a tsp. I recommend you DO add the sesame oil at the end. Next time I'll add a tsp of Sombel Oelek for a bit of a bite. Mixed the few remaining left overs with some left over rice for lunch tomorrow. Made for ZWT4 and very happy I did!

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Debi May 30, 2008

Delicious, healthy, and beautiful! You know you are getting many vitamins and nutrients into your diet when you see so many colorful veggies on your plate. We loved it and will be making it again! Made it for the stir-fry add more veggies challenge for ZWT 4.

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Enjolinfam May 30, 2008
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