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Easy and in advance to make and very impressive by its wonderful color. If you just follow the recipe you can't go wrong. The only thing you have to take care of is to poach the pears and not to cook them. And keep an eye on them, because poaching time is depending on size. I have used smaller "Williams Christ" pears and they need just about 10 minutes. I used a dry and not too sweet red wine and this brought out the pear flavors very well. The cinnamon add a wonderful flavor. And so the cranberry juice with its more tart notes. Completed is this dessert by the fruity notes of oranges. I've made it one day in advance and this intensified the colors and also blended the flavours more. The pears were soft, but with a little bite. I completed this dessert with a few preserved carnberries and oranges. Thank you so much for sharing this dessrt.

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Thorsten September 02, 2007

I liked this recipe, but thought it would have been better with fewer strong flavors competing with the delicate pears. Still, it was a nice dish!

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Mme M April 08, 2007
Burgundy Poached Pears