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Totally authentic Durban bunny recipe, only thing missing is we always eat bunnies with a side of sambal. Grated carrot, chopped green chillies and soaked in white vinegar. You can also add chopped onion and chopped coriander to this for a bit of variety and all!

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Mammoo7 August 07, 2011

HI there bunny chow lovers,this is a lovely mouth watering recipe.I have cooked it several times,but to really enhance the flavour you must include garlic,in fact at least two cloves crushed garlic added towards the end of the cooking time brings all the flavour to the fore.I also add during cooking time a half a cup of fresh cut corrianda,man you will love it.

Lou Corbitt.

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corbs June 18, 2011

I first read about Bunny Chow in a small article in the Dwell magazine...I loved the idea of eating out of a bread bowl. The recipe that I saw has stayed with me to the point that one night while shopping, I bought a jar of Mango curry sauce and bought some chicken breasts with a small loaf of French bread and I made a quick curry. My ''fussy'' teenage daughter loved it, what can I say more... I have been searching for other types of curries to try this recipe again :)

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Suzart April 02, 2010

Although the story and the promise of a rich spicy lamb dish lured me, this recipe did not work for me. It was coming along nicely until I tried to "stir and fry until the spices stick to the bottom of the pot"; the spices never stuck, and I think they burnt in the process; I'm wondering if it's because of the 1/2 cup of oil? When I've tried recipes like this in the past, they've called for 3 tablespoons of oil, most of which gets absorbed into the spices! I'm just guessing here! I did make my own Garam Masala (Hot Mixed Spice), and I substituted kaffir lime leaves for the curry leaves, which were not available in my area. Sorry, Zurie! Made for ZWT4.

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mersaydees June 27, 2008

This was amazing! I had to cut back in cayenne a bit (very spicy) and did garnish with cilantro. Terrific!

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Actsofswine January 03, 2014

This is a good 'bitter' curry, and maybe a bit too much of a 'powder' taste. I'd suggest to reduce the 3 tablespoons of garam masala to 3 teaspoons. Adding a large chopped carrot improves the taste. Remember to add salt afterwards, and quite a bit. I simmer the meat only for 10min and then pressure cook for 15min after adding the water, potatoes and carrots, and everything turns out super soft and succulent. Add a dollop of chutney to the side after dishing up to break the bitter taste for those who are used to the sweeter curry's. This recipe also works with chicken, perhaps exchanging the water for a good liquid chicken stock.

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Chef LarryN September 27, 2013

This dish was amazing as soon as I saw it I had to have it....It is a must have even though with the whole spices I added 3 chillis... still was not hot enough but it did the trick... thank you for the awesome recipe

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Beamic March 19, 2009

I love the story of this recipe. I love the name of this recipe. I love the presentation of this recipe. I think once I find that perfect curry that everyone in my family loves, this will be the only way I will want to serve it! :) Unfortunately this particular curry was not to our taste. The kids and I thought it was too spicy (and I was wondering how it got so spicy from a smidge of cayenne!). The hotheads of the family thought it needed to be MORE spicy. I did have a couple of problems making it. First, I could not find curry leaves. I didn't know that there was an actual curry plant (I thought it was just the name of a type of blend). I went to 3 different grocery stores ranging from cheap ethnic to suburbanite to all organic and not one of them had any. So I substituted bay, which I know means that what we tasted is not what you would. Also, with the amount of oil and the oil coming out of the whole spices, I could not get my spices to stick! lol I waited, I stirred, I waited, I stirred, finally I had to get the dish going so my family could eat. :) I don't think it hurt the dish too much, as there was a rich texture of flavor to this dish, very intensely spiced. Thank you for posting, made for ZWT4.

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CraftScout June 24, 2008

Great recipe, tried and tested a few times now, blooming marvelous! many thanks matey :-)

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marcia.harvey May 23, 2008

Being a Durbanite, and being a Bunny Chow eater, I am always looking for new ways to make curry to have as a Bunny Chow. My family loves it and it is filling. I was so happy to see a Bunny Chow recipe here, I instantly made it. It was wonderful, tasty, and not too "hot". The only thing I added was Carrots. MAny thanks for sharing this recipe, it was wonderful and I will definately use it again.

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Keltria March 26, 2008
Bunny Chow and Its Durban Curry