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Oh-my-god!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :9 SANDI IS A GODDESS!!!!! I will use this recipe for the rest of my life! This dish turns my Fiance into a drooly purring kitten!!!! Okay Sandi, Now that I know that you like them, Someday, try my Mushrooms, "Brooke's Portabellos".

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GrillGirlie December 04, 2007

Sandi, this ROCKS!! I've made it twice now. First time for Valentine's and the second when my son was here for Spring Break. I doubled it then since I knew if I didn't, dh wouldn't have anything for lunch the next day!! DS had never had portobellos before so didn't know if he liked them- if his plate had been any cleaner afterwards, I wouldn't have needed to put it in the dishwasher. He ate every bite and was looking for more!! The only changes I made (both times) was to use regular Monterey Jack in place of pepper jack, since I don't like hot, and to use "a bit" more bacon because, well, because it's bacon, durn it! Oh! and I also used bacon-wrapped filets, since I firmly believe there's no such thing as too much bacon!! :-)

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KMLWPA April 16, 2007

We made this for Easter Dinner. It is definately a killer/keeper recipe. We used sharp cheddar cheese instead of pepper jack. Everyone finished their 'beret' but couldn't finish the bull!! There were rave reviews from everyone. Incredibly rich and satisfying and surprisingly easy. Thanks, Sandi!

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Callinectes Sapidus April 08, 2007

An absolutely AMAZING feast of flavours and textures...Sandi, this should have a Government Health Warning attached to it!! I have made it twice now - I wanted to post a photo when I reviewed it, but I have been thwarted TWICE - I have been so busy snapping away on numerous food photos, that my batteries failed AGAIN when I came to photograph your bull in a bonnet!! Anyway, down to business; this is a 10 star recipe because: It has my favourite cut of steak, it has mushrooms, it has cheese, it has onion, it has bacon...., and all together, they equal sublime taste and greedy decadence! It was a quirky recipe to serve and I am sorry, but I took FULL credit for it when my guests fawned all over me and bowed at my feet! Thanks Sandi - sorry about the photos, but as we WILL be eating this again, I'll shoot next time - but I will have some catching up to do with your lovely shots. P.S. I changed NOTHING in this recipe - it was all perfect and the recipe was easy to follow with well-written instructions.

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French Tart March 14, 2007
Bull in a Beret