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this was pretty good. I sub'd black beans for the pinto and pine nuts for the walnuts. Had a good flavor but was SUPER crumbly. I think next time I'll chill them longer. Also, it doesn't list the amounts for the mayo., or lime juice/zest. but it's 1/4 C. Mayo, 1/4 tsp. zest, and 1 tsp. lime juice (per the magazine). They wouldn't have been as good without the lime-mayo IMO. Good!!

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jl_browning July 05, 2010

Very near five stars. I agree with the reviewer who said they were crumbly. BUT, that said, I made a meatloaf of it, and with BBQ sauce, fantastic! Then, I used the surplus (I made a double recipe) in a cabbage/beef soup recipe w great success again. I made one alteration, using a half bag of Fresh and Easy's sweet and spicy nut mix in place of the walnuts and cayenne, and highly recommend that. I also tried the crumbly meatloaf mixture w some picante, and am sure it would make fantastic tacos. Know what? I'm going w 5 stars! Great recipe to cut down on meat consumption.

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Gianni #23 October 01, 2012

These are delicious... so tasty and easy to toss together in the food processor. I'm kicking myself for not following the step of chilling the formed burgers before cooking because mine fell apart. I'm sure that chilling is designed to avoid that! I might also adjust slightly and add in an egg to help bind things together next time. Otherwise, the tastes blended really well, and were lovely when paired with avocado, tomato, and mayo on fresh Italian rolls. I can easily see variations of this with different beans (e.g., chick peas) and different herbs/spices. Yum! Thanks for posting.

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Heather U. July 29, 2009

Great recipe! I agree that they were pretty crumbly, but not too bad. I'd like to find a way to make them ho,d together a bit better -- on the other hand, I really liked the texture, so maybe we'll just live with the fact they fall apart. Loved the flavor. Will definitely make again.

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KLHquilts July 03, 2013

Great recipe, I'm a home brewer and substituted spent grain for the bulgur & water concoction in step one. I can't imagine a grill working, we cooked on stove-top with plenty of olive oil. I've substituted white beans for kidney beans, almonds for walnuts, parsley for cilantro - very forgiving and all wonderfully tasty.

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Mewnshine June 02, 2010
Bulgur Veggie Burger