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Simple and perfect picnic salad! Used as many fresh locals ingredient as possible. Part of the standard paprika was replaced with Spanish smoked paprika (1/4 teaspoon). Ketchup for tomato paste. Fresh mint from the garden! Lemon cucumbers and standard cucumbers were added. Tossed in a few Turkish? olives-or maybe they were Italian. <<<--I forgot. Red peppers were added last because I like bell peppers only if they are super crunchy. I'll try with quinoa next time not that we are gluten-free but just to try it for fun! Thanks for posting! Loved the salad!

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COOKGIRl September 10, 2011

So good. I made ours gluten free using cooked quinoa in place of the bulgur. I used sweet onion instead of red, a good canned tomato paste, orange bell pepper as we prefer it to the other bell peppers, Cortas pomegranate molasses, flat leaf parsley, sweet paprika, unrefined extra virgin olive oil, sea salt & freshly ground pepper, to taste, plus the rest of the ingredients. I would make this again. Made for, SEPTEMBER NA/ME TAG!

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UmmBinat September 05, 2011

I used half of the oil, subsituted lemon juice for the molasses and still the flavour was really nice and light. I added cucumber and tomatoes to the salad as well. The serving size is closer to 4 than to 2, I would say. Thanks for sharing.

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Deantini April 22, 2012

I absolutely love Bulgur and this salad was delish. I love all the additions to the salad; especially the pomegranate molasses. I don't get to use this ingredient very often, but it adds such a nice sweet/sour taste to dishes. So easy to make and so very healthy for you. Made for the Winner of the Treasure Hunt - Sweet December tag.

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DailyInspiration January 20, 2014

I want to start by saying that I know this is meant to be a cold salad, however, it's now mid January on the Canadian prairies with today's high temp of -39. I served this if not hot very warm and was very happy with it. Had to skip the molasses as it's not available anywhere remotely near me and also needed to use dried mint. All of that being said, I loved every bite of this delicious dish. I didn't add anything else and didn't really miss adding more veggies. If it were summer that might be different. Every time I have bulgur I'm reminded of how much I like it and think that I should be using it more often. This was no exception. Made for awald's Treasure Hunt win in the Sweet December 2013 event. :D

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Annacia January 15, 2014

The only thing I changed when making this salad was to leave out the mint (I'm not a big fan there!), although another time I might add it to part of the salad, since my other half loves it! Definitely a great salad for warm weather, & I'll be making it again as summer approaches! Thanks so much for posting it! [Tagged & made in Please Review My Recipe}

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Sydney Mike April 24, 2012

I loved this salad! It's healthy, filling and colorful. I used a bit more fresh mint and cut the amount of olive oil in half. I liked the add-in ideas at the end, so I added some cucumbers. I served this with mini pitas and black olives. Thanx for sharing!

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*Parsley* January 06, 2012
Bulgur Salad