Build Your Own Rice Paper Wrappers

READY IN: 15mins
Recipe by CountryLady

This dish is great to serve for 2 or more guests - they'll have fun building their own Asian rolls! It's a good idea, as the host, to prepare 6 or 8 ahead of time but it is important that they are covered with a damp cloth so as not to allow the rice paper to dry out. They are light, delicate and very, very tasty. You may wish to vary some of the ingredients by using some toasted sesame seeds, bamboo shoots or Peking duck.

Top Review by Geema

What a fun treat these wrappers were to make and to eat. I have used rice paper before, so I didn't have any trouble handing or rolling them and this combination of ingredients was just great. I did not use the baby shrimp, nor the green mangoes, but thought these tasty treats came out just great. I can't wait to serve them to company! I made your Ginger Dipping Sauce #72051 to go with these rolls and loved every bite. Thanks CountryLady for a fun recipe.

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  1. Arrange the shredded lettuce or bok choy in the centre of a large serving platter, board or tray.
  2. Place the carrots, cucumber, bean sprouts, spinach, mango, mushrooms, peanuts, herbs, shrimp and chicken in individual piles or bowls around the lettuce or bok choy.
  3. Place a small, damp terry cloth towel on each serving plate to make the rolling of the wrapper a little easier- your guest can also use it to wipe their fingers as they build their personal rice paper wrappers.
  4. Fill a medium-sized clean bowl with warm water in which you and your guests can dip the rice paper for 2 to 3 seconds until soft and limp.
  5. Gently remove and place the rice paper onto a damp terry cloth towel on your serving plate.
  6. Fill your rice paper wrapper with your choice of ingredients.
  7. Fold in the ends and roll.
  8. The key is not to overfill each wrapper.
  9. Serve a choice of dips such as Garlic Dipping Sauce (#72050), Ginger Sauce (#72051) , sweet and sour, or hot chilli dips.

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