Build Your Own Quiche

Recipe by Missysioux

Here is a VERY easy recipe to start out with. You can use any combination of cheeses & veggies (or meats). I've experimented with many. Just make sure to sweat out your veggies a little so they don't water down your eggs. I make mine with NO crust to save on calories & everything stays the same. The best combination I've made is Bavarian ham & salami for the meat, 3/4 cup of fontina cheese in the quiche and 1/4 cup of parmesan on top. Then, I sprinkle tastefully simple (garlic garlic, about a TBSP) on top. MMM!

Top Review by KLHquilts

I'm not giving this any stars, because my first time out was a total disaster and had to be thrown out -- but I think it was entirely my fault, so I don't want to fault the recipe! You quite clearly warned that the vegetables should be sweated so they didn't water down the eggs. I guess I shouldn't have been surprised when I used raw mushrooms and it turned into soup! But I did want to say that the flavor was very good, and I'll try it again and be MUCH more careful about using cooked, not raw, vegetables. When I get it right, I'll come back and give you a real review. (This was just to encourage other people to give it a try, in spite of my ineptitude ..)

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  1. Prepare crust as instructed and let cool (or skip this step to save calories & fat!).
  2. whisk together eggs, sour cream & cottage cheese, salt, Worcestershire.
  3. Layer veggies/meats on the bottom of the crust and sprinkle 3/4 cup of cheese on top.
  4. pour on egg mixture.
  5. Sprinkle with remaining cheese.
  6. bake at 325°F for 45 minutes or until center is set.

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