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I am giving this five stars although it was too salty, because the basic recipe is good. Thankfully I listened to "shimmy shake's" advice about the grill seasoning-mine was too salty! I think I could have cut that in half and been fine. Having said that, all five of my children liked the burgers and my dh went back for seconds. I cannot imagine how large the burgers would be if you made only four. We had nine good-sized burgers from this recipe. Thanks for sharing!

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Mom of Five April 01, 2008

I would give it a 4, but my roomates were much less impressed by these than I was. The reccomended patty size was huge, and they need more hot-sauce and maybe a bit of chili-powder. They were very un-buffalo with that level of spice. Of course, maybe I just needed better hot-sauce.

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rickzim March 06, 2008

Made these for the first time today. I have to say that I was not expecting them to be this good. I would definitely make them again. I can't think of anything to add or change to improve this recipe, save perhaps using low fat blue cheese dressing from a bottle instead of the homemade gravy to reduce the total fat of the recipe. Also, depending on the type of grill seasoning you use, you might want to omit the extra salt because there might be plenty in the seasoning. Rachael gets a gold star for this one!

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Shimmy Shake December 28, 2007
Buffalo Turkey Burgers With Blue Cheese Gravy - Rachael Ray