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This had to be the best dish dh ever made. There is nothing at all in this recipe I would change. TY TY TY So much for this post

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koala03 February 04, 2007

I'm thrilled to be the first to review this recipe,it was delicious! The real star here was the scrumptious Bleu Cheese Sauce. Bleu Cheese can sometimes overpower a dish with it's sharply intense flavor, but not so here! This would be fantastic for company & is an elegant and refreshing change for Buffalo & Bleu cheese lovers who are bored with the standard Buffalo Wings with Bleu Cheese dip. If you're not fond of seafood or allergic, by all means try the sauce for a sophisticated Mac n Cheese side dish to accompany beef or chicken. Also, the recipe doesn't really state when to add the half-and-half but I simply poured it in after cooking the onion, etc. and it turned out just fine. Ginny, I'm heading over to review another of your yummy contributions and then I'm taking a good long gander at all your recipes!

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Christmas Carol September 30, 2006
Buffalo Shrimp With Fettuccine & Bleu Cheese Sauce