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This is a great recipe, but I modified it to add a bit more "crunch". I bought a whole chicken and shredded it, than simmered it over low heat with a bottle of Franks Hot Wing Sauce. I melted 16oz of cream cheese and 1cup of bleu cheese dressing (Bobs - it's the best!) in a saucepan over low heat. I layer the chicken&sauce mixture on the bottom of the dish, top that with the melted cream cheese/bleu cheese dressing mixture and then top that with diced celery! I top that with a layer of shredded colby jack cheese and and a few bleu cheese crumbles. Bake at 350 until bubbley. Serve with celery sticks, chips, bread, whatever! There are NEVER any leftovers! Enjoy

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esnotary January 22, 2011

My friend gave me this recipe and it is almost identical. First, everyone agrees that it has better texture and flavor if you boil your chicken breasts, then SHRED the chicken. You can make this in a crock pot on high for 2 hrs and it's ready for any party! We use Frank's Red Hot Sauce as it seems to have the best flavor and we use 1-11/2 cups of it. We use i package of shredded cheddar cheese (2 cups) and we serve with a variety of dipping items- Fritos Scoops, Tortilla Chips, Toasted Baguette slices, celery sticks and carrot sticks. Seriously- every Party I have made this for it is gone first and recipe requests are always made!

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suddarthk April 13, 2010

Big hit at a holiday party! Instead of baking we put all ingredients in the crock pot to keep warm.

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m.lipe January 01, 2011

Great dip! I made this for my Super Bowl party and it was a huge hit with my guests! I used Larry's Hot Sauce (which is the hot sauce I use for my hot wings) and 2 chicken breasts instead of canned chicken. This recipe is a keeper! Thanks for sharing!

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Kim D. February 04, 2004

This was a huge hit at my party and I had to give everyone the recipe. I even took what little was left over to work the next day for lunch! I did make several changes, as follows: I used my Sunbeam indoor grill to cook chicken instead of using canned chicken. I used BLUE CHEESE dressing instead of ranch, and 1 bottle of Frank's hot sauce instead of 3/4 a cup. I used to live in Buffalo and trust me....any other brand of hot sauce will not do. Instead of baking this, I heated everything in a large sauce pan. I also omitted the cheddar cheese because I wanted it to taste as much like real Buffalo wings as possible. In the future, I think I will use pre-cooked crockpot chicken (http://www.food.com/recipe/crock-pot-shredded-chicken-breasts-for-freezing-oamc-188329) to make this recipe even quicker and easier.

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Adria82 March 25, 2011

This went over VERY well at the Super Bowl party we attended this weekend, with just a few modifications for personal preference... I changed ranch to blue cheese dressing (good quality refrigerated dressing from salad section) and added 1 cup diced celery for a bit of crunch. I also used also used boiled chicken breasts instead of canned. Boiled 2 large boneless breasts on a very low, almost simmering boil for 17 min. It then went into a 350 oven for about 20 min. until just browned on top. I DO recommend the Fritos Scoops over other chips for dipping as they are very thick and strong and can hold the heavy dip. A winner!!

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Raquel Grinnell February 11, 2011

I also make this dish, however I find that the bottled ranch or bleu cheese dressing makes the dish a little oily. I solved this by eliminating the dressing and using 8 oz of sour cream and 8 oz of mayo, combined with bleu cheese crumbles, to taste. I use about 3-4 Tablespoons of crumbled danish bleu cheese. It comes out even more delicious than the original. It's one of those dishes that people always devor, and request the recipe!

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jabarnett00 February 03, 2011

One of the best things I ever ate. I even made it with low fat ranch and low fat cream cheese and it was still amazing. In the future ill probably make it in a crock pot its allot better hot than room temp.

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phonix23 August 10, 2010

This dish is also great when it is served over fresh cooked white rice!

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JMefford November 17, 2012

This was extremely good!!! I've seen many recipe for this dip but this one is just the perfect amount of ingredients! And I love the ranch dressing1 Other recipes call for blue cheese, but I'm not a big fan of that! Too strong for my tastes! I used 6oz. of the hot sauce because I'm whimpy when it comes to spicy foods...but it was still too spicy for me! I ended up adding 3 Tbls. of honey to help tone down the heat...then it was perfect...this was gobbled up real quick! I served it with tortilla chips and celery sticks and it was delicious with both! I've made this for many Super Bowl parties and its always a big hit! I added my photo:)

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LILLIANCOOKS January 03, 2011
Buffalo Chicken Dip