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I actually found this recipe on Betty Crocker and we liked it so much I was going to post it for safekeeping... but what do you know, its already here! Anyways--a very good, unique casserole. I actually didn't have any type of cream of soup on hand so I just used more cheddar and used about 1/2 c milk. So I bet it was even better with a real can of soup! Oh and I used Ritz because I had that on had--very good, I totally recommend!

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summerbreeze March 01, 2010

Great recipe! My husband who isn't a fan of casseroles, went crazy for this one. I halved the recipe and put in an 8X8 pan since it was just the 2 of us, but used the full 1/3 cup of wing sauce on the chicken. Had shredded hash browns on hand and they worked great. I chopped up the green onion and forgot to put them on before serving - but would definitely add next time. We liked the corn flake topping and if I make another 1/2 recipe, I will use the full recipe amount of corn flakes, probably doubling the recipe amount if I were to make a full batch. Looking forward to trying it out on my boys when they get home from college. Thanks for sharing!

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DDW March 08, 2013

Very good! I made this casserole for my lunches one week (and doing it again for this week). I omitted the crunchy topping because I find crunchy doesn't usually reheat well. I use light ranch, 2% cheese, Texas Pete Wing Sauce, and cream of chicken soup (personal preferences). Super yummy and it makes a great lunch!

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Kat Renee August 12, 2012

Even though I had to adjust this to fit what I had at home, this was so yummy! I used tater tots for the potatoes and had to use cream of chicken soup because that's all I had, so I added about a tablespoon of dried celery make up for it. I also boiled and shredded the chicken first because I was afraid the tots would get too mushy otherwise. I also didn't have any cornflakes or crackers, so I fried a few crumbled up tater tots and sprinkled those on top. I adjusted the cooking time bit as the chicken was already cooked. Even with all the adjustments, this was still great! I'll be making it again (as written) and I'm guessing there is no way it won't be yummy!

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snoelle1 September 23, 2010

This is awesome, I actually had the recipe in a magazine and lost it so I am so glad you posted it! First time I tried it I bought frozen chicken breast strips and accidently picked up pre-breaded ones. Used them anyway, dipping them in the buffalo sauce and putting them on top still frozen. AMAZING!!!! I omitted the crumbs since I had the coating on the chicken.

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Jessy M September 07, 2010

Quick and tasty.

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Kellie H March 01, 2010
Buffalo Chicken and Potato Casserole