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Chocolatey, with a slight coffee taste, and oh so rich! Good golly, I must keep myself from eating more than one of these, well, maybe I'll have one tomorrow too and freeze the rest for treats! I know my kids will love these too. Thanks you two! Good stuff!

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Sharon123 April 15, 2008

My, oh, my! These are delish! I had a hard time not eating these. I changed the nuts for some white chocolate chips and used Cake Flour Substitute for the flour. I will have to give these away, so I don't get a Buddha belly from eating them. A chocoholic dream cookie! Thanks, 2Bleu!!

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SweetsLady March 22, 2008

Thank you so much for sharing this treat, the flavor is incredible. Our cookies turned out to be large and thin with a crackel topping and a moist and chewy center full of chocolate chips and nuts. We enjoyed them very much. Update: the kids on are street were yelling today, oh boy are those the cookies you made that we like...Oh Yeah! Thanks for the great cookies and for making me a star.

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Baby Kato March 06, 2008

I made this for Make It Healthier tag. I used walnut flavoring instead of the nuts and subbed out cocoa and applesauce for the melted chocolates (I left the chocolate chips in though) subbed out egg substitute for the eggs. The taste was fabulous but they did not puff up. Perhaps it needed the extra fat to make them puff up???

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Nyteglori January 14, 2008

Actually these are like little bellies. Little puffed up bellies full of chocolate fun and frolic. You will feel like frolicking, or perhaps even skipping after downing one of these. Mine kind of spread out in the pan but regained themselves and were very fudge-ie tasting and crackly. I didn't have bittersweet chocolate, so I subbed the unsweetened full force, and added semi-sweet chocolate chips instead of bittersweet. The instant coffee was perfect in this cookie, along with the walnuts. Don't overbake these cookies, because of the chocolate, they are not forgiving if you let them in a bit to long. You just want them on this side of chewy with a distinct cracking at the top. We loved these Bird/Buddha. Will make these for the holiday as well, perhaps decorating them with a little icing holly leaf or something. Outstanding both of you! I will try to make these vegan, by using Egg-replacer and Earth Balance spread and vegan chocolate chips. Thanks so much for posting!

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Andi of Longmeadow Farm November 18, 2007
Buddha Bellies