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I have been g/f for over 8 years and these are my favorite whole grain flour tortillas. I have made them many times in the last 2 years. I love the flavor of the buckwheat and the olive oil. They are a great substitute for pita bread and taste great with sandwich fillings inside. I usually have to add some rice flour (about 3-5 tbsp. depending on the moisture in the air, as I live in Oregon and it can be humid sometimes). I find that you can get them almost non-sticky in the mixer, but then can add the rest of the rice flour to prevent them from sticking by generously flouring your counter or cutting board and rolling pin. If you get them too dry they can be brittle, but still tasty as "pita chips".

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sararay April 15, 2011

Made for Healthy Choices ABC. These did not work for me at all. I added all of the sweet rice flour that the recipe allowed for and they were still too soft to form into balls for tortillas. Was afraid to add too much more as I was afraid they would be too dry when cooked. Because I could not actually cook these I did not leave any stars as I have no idea what they would even taste like.

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LARavenscroft April 03, 2009
Buckwheat Wraps/Tortillas - Gluten Free