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Let me first say, that I liked the flavor and even went back for seconds. But, the texture was not what I was expecting at all. I'm not sure if I did something wrong, if it simply doesn't work well at 1/2 recipe, or if it turned out fine but my expectations were just off. The consistancy turned out similar to mashed potatoes. I've only had kasha made one way before, and the grains remain intact rather than getting mushy. I don't think that the oats really added anything, and they didn't stick to the sides very well. I also found that with a 1/2 recipe, the water was absorbed right awy by the kasha, and I had to keep adding more...maybe 3/4 cup. The cottage cheese also didn't really incorporate well into the recipe. I did leave out the sugar/honey, and thought the flavor was fine. Though I'll have no difficulty fnishing up the leftovers, I probably won't make it again.

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Karen67 October 14, 2007

I would not have thought to make something like this on my own so adding a star even tho I changed things up to get more flavor. Used seasoning salt rather than regular, cooked my kasha in broth, and added onion and garlic. Didn't coat the dish or use oats, and used fat free cottage cheese with good results. Was out of sour cream so topped with a light sprinkle of queso. Added bacon and I'd add more veg like carrots and celery next time, and maybe either chicken or sausage to make a main dish. Thanks for sharing!

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Queen Roachie April 15, 2013

Was somewhat dull tasting. We want to make this again and add onions. It tasted better after sitting overnight. Good use for leftover buckwheat groats. Never made anything like this dish before.

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lupewinku February 05, 2010
Buckwheat and Cottage Cheese Casserole