Buck's Fizz - Champagne and Orange Cocktail

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5 mins
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A Traditional celebration drink in our house, served on Christmas Morning, Birthdays, Anniversaries and almost all other "excuses" for a "knees up"!! We do use Champagne, but if this seems just too sybaritic & over indulgent, you can use any good quality "Fizz". Freshly squeezed orange juice is de rigeur, but again, you can get great "fresh-tasting" orange juices in bottles & cartons too.......but please, NO ice & unsweetened is best!

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  • 1 (750 ml) bottle champagne
  • 12 liter squeezed fresh orange juice


  1. Chill your Champagne & Orange Juice.
  2. Select tall and elegant shaped wine glasses!
  3. Pour about one third of orange juice into the glass first and then top up with champagne.
  4. Serve as a toast or as a celebration cocktail.
  5. P.S. The quantities have been known to change to almost NO orange juice to nearly ALL champagne at very "Festive" Frolics! Sante!
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When my aunt was alive, during the summer months, several of us would get together and cook our entire breakfast on her grills out on her deck and this drink was always seved. It's so refreshing and so good with breafast or any time actually. Seeing this brought back many memories. Thanks for sharing FT.

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I don't think there are many things more indulgent then waking up late and enjoying a mimosa with a late breakfast! I like to pour a little bit of grenadine syrup in the glass and then slowly pour in the mimosa; it makes a very pretty drink.

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great recipe and so easy...