Buckeyes: Very Rich!

Total Time
Prep 2 hrs
Cook 0 mins

Be careful, these are very rich and very addictive! This recipe has more powdered sugar, which is what makes them creamy and delicious!

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  1. Melt in top of double boiler paraffin and chocolate chips.
  2. Cream together butter, powdered sugar and peanut butter.
  3. Shape into small balls (about 1 inch or less thick).
  4. Using toothpicks, dip balls into melted chocolate (which is kept over hot water until finished).
  5. Makes close to 100 "buckeyes".
  6. Refrigerate and enjoy!


Most Helpful

I have made these several times for the holidays, and they are always a BIG HIT! It's not a good idea to forget the paraffin, as that is what makes the chocolate smooth and able to spread around the peanut butter balls... These are one of my favorites for sure! They are seriously rich and decadent. Great on cookie and candy trays for the holidays and travel well too! This is a chocolate and peanut butter lovers DREAM :D Glad you posted it, because I was going to lol.... Linda

Linda's Busy Kitchen October 24, 2007

VERY rich! Yes indeed! My teeth are still spinning from the one that I sampled. :) I halved the recipe and used almond bark for the coating, no wax. PAC Spring '07

~kdp May 19, 2007

actually gulf wax (parafin) is edible and is recognised as a common glaze for cheese, vegetables and candies. it is made from palm oil. it is necessary in melted chocolate recipes like this to make the chocolate to reform into a hard chocolate candy. this is the trade secret of various chocoltiers. if youve ever melted down chocolate chips and tried to refreeze them (without using wax) it often just remains a mushy disaster. i have made this candy for several years and the above is quite close to my own recipe... except i dont use more than a pound of sugar, and i refrigerate the peanutbutter balls for 1 hour before dipping... this really helps. how you hold them on the toothpick also helps. if they are too heavy with chocolate or not held on the stick by gravity you will lose it in the syrup. keep the chocolate over the fire until you are finished because it sets very fast. any holes left at the end can be patched by dipping a toothpick in chocolate and touching up the spot. i made these tonight. best wishes...

an_pheist December 12, 2005

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