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Well, I can't say I've ever tried a buckeye before this to compare to these, but these were delicious in their own right. I didn't know how big these were supposed to be, so I portioned them out with a #60 scoop. I also didn't have the paraffin, so I melted some Scharffen-Berger semisweet squares instead of the chips. I messed up and allowed them to chill too close together, so the chocolate broke off in spots where the candies were touching. Luckily, I was just making them for kicks, and not for presentation, so all's good. Thanks for posting! Made for PAC Fall '12

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Muffin Goddess November 05, 2012

Well as a fellow Ohioan, I believe it is my duty to *try* your family's buckeye recipe :) I wasn't sure if the filling was going to come together when I was mixing it as it was very crumbly but I got in there with my hands and it pulled together perfectly. I made just 1/4 of the recipe but ended up with 13 good-size buckeyes (they were over 1" across). I did sift the powdered sugar, though you didn't say to do that. The only change I made was to use a semi-sweet baking bar (Ghirardelli) instead of the chips and paraffin (the buckeye recipe we made when I was younger had paraffin so I wasn't afraid of using it, I just didn't have any); the wax is there to help the chips solidify but using the baking bar chocolate takes care of that problem. Oh, I also melted 4 oz of the chocolate and while I didn't use it all, it would have been tough to get those last few coated without the extra ounce of chocolate in the dish. Anyway! These are awesome (of course!) and I enjoyed making them as I hadn't made buckeyes in a long time. Thanks for sharing your recipe!

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flower7 October 09, 2011