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I made half of this recipe as my breakfast snack (I know, I know...). :) It was sinfully delicious! YUM! I literally licked the bowl clean as I could not get enough of the wonderful flavour combination. For the nutella I used this recipe Chocolate Hazelnut Spread - Sugar Free in which I reduced the honey by half. In the peanut butter layer I used a vanilla almond butter as thats what I had on hand and left out the confectioners sugar and half and half completely. It still was super sweet. That way I could have a bit more. lol
I really enjoyed this served straight from the fridge, but Im sure at room temp it would be great, too.
THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing this delight with us, Juliana!
Made and reviewed for the Best of 2011 Recipe Tag Game in January 2012.

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Lalaloula January 19, 2012

Reminds me of my favorite peanut butter cheesecake. So far I like chocolate grahams best for dipping.

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Karen R. February 11, 2015

I've made these before and was craving them so I looked them up and found this recipe it was perfect just like I remember it

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Serena S. February 09, 2015

This is just as good as it sounds. Irresistable! Used only half the sugar.

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rosslare September 23, 2012

I made this as a partial recipe as I had an ounce of cream cheese leftover from another recipe. I forgot to add the half and half..nit sure what a difference it would make..probably just thin it out a little. Still tasted great. I couldn't wait to dig in so I refrigerated for about 30 mins..I still have a little left that's been in there a several hours so I'll see what a difference the time makes. Great idea! Although I do think the ganache would be delightful as well! May have to try that! Thanks for posting!

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gingerly88 May 08, 2012

This is an awesome dip! I was looking for a way to use up some whipped cream cheese when I found this and being an Ohioan through and through I love me some buckeyes so had to try this!
I cut the recipe in half but only used about 1/2 cup sugar. I also used skim milk instead of 1/2-n-1/2 (it was what I had on hand) and didn't need anywhere near the amt of nutella listed. The nutella with the p.b. mix is a great combo. Thanks for sharing your fab recipe!
P.S. I can't imagine ever throwing away buckeyes - I'd have eaten them anyway! LOL :)

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flower7 December 02, 2011
Buckeye Dip