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A friend posted a blog with the same general idea, but the author's writing was terrible, so I came to see if I could find it here. Yours is much cuter, I like the idea of shaping it a little more like a bucket :)

She did have some good ideas though, and I thought I'd share here for others to benefit from...

This goes great with "rainbow cake" - divide up the cake batter into 5 small bowls and add food coloring to make 5 colors of batter. Layer the colors in your pan and bake as directed.

If you plan to travel with the cake, it is recommended you wait until you arrive at your destination to place the candy, this will prevent them from melting in the car.

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VelcrowMistress January 18, 2013

This turned out so cute! The ribbon definitely helps with tightening the kit kats into a bucket shape, and looks great. I don't consider myself much of cake decorator so I really like how easy this was. I used triple chocolate cake and frosting.

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Diana J. September 22, 2015
Bucket of M&M's Kit Kat Cake