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3 Stars, excellent restaurant-quality taste, but ingredients listing and directions need improvement. If begin with cooked chicken tenders, the chicken would be way overcooked by serving time; restaurant's version of recipe given to Sun Times newspaper October 14, 1998 (http://www.suntimes.com/recipes/pasta/47761,macaronirosa.recipe#) clarifies preparation of ingredients, and pares down amounts for brushetta to amount actually needed for the recipe. After adding in marinara sauce and cream, this should be brought just to a boil and then lowered to a simmer and covered for about 10 minutes to help the sauce reduce by a third efficiently. I lowered fine mesh colander with pasta and broccoli into boiling water for 3 seconds, allowing me to remove all completely for final draining. This was so good I will experiment with more diet-conscious versions, but if they aren't as good, I guess I'll just have to make an exception! By the way, my photo shows the entire recipe, piled on a 12" x 12" plate -- does that look like just 2 servings to you??? This amount is what the restaurant calls a small order for 2 (maybe 3) people, but this will feed at least 5 people. I'm more likely to increase the proportion of chicken next time, since I can't eat all that pasta. Because I had 8 ounces of farfalle pasta on hand, that's what I used, I think it looks a tad fancier, somehow. Thanks for posting, Cook4_6. Made for 1-2-3 Hit Wonders.

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KateL November 30, 2008

I love this recipe! I found it online and the recipe I use is slightly different. First, the restaurant used the type of pasta that looks like a cork screw but is hollow (kind of like a penne twisted). I can't remember the name, but I have found it in the grocery store. Also, instead of making your own bruschetta, I buy a 4oz little tub of it (found near refrigerated pastas and sauces). I also use heavy cream. I have made this several times and everyone agrees it tastes identical to the restaurant's recipe. Unfortunately, Buca Di Beppo no longer serves this dish, so I am very glad I can still enjoy it.

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Leilani December 30, 2009

EXCELLENT. The flavors are SO yummy, the prep so easy. Enjoying the one seving we had leftover as lunch right now. Last night I served it with angel hair pasta (DH will only eat angel hair) and made macaroni for lunch. I much prefer the macaroni. Made as described, served with garlic bread (topped with the leftover bruschetta). Thanks for posting a real winner!

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Parrot Head Mama January 05, 2007
Buca Di Beppo Macaroni Rosa (Copycat)