Bubba's Baked Onions I I

Total Time
Prep 1 min
Cook 9 mins

This is the same recipe but with instructions for the microwave oven. I prefer the onion being roasted in the oven, but somedays you just need it fast.


  1. Peel Vidalia and scoop out middle leaving a hole the size of a quarter through entire Vidalia. (I would not brake through he bottom of the onion so flavor stays in the onion).
  2. Place Vidalia in baking dish.
  3. Inset bouillion cube in bottom of hole and fill the rest with butter.
  4. Wrap vidalia (with bouillion and butter inside) loosely in plastic wrap and cook on high for 7-9 minutes.
  5. Be careful when removing plastic wrap from cooked Vidalia.


Most Helpful

This is a fav! Quick, easy and delicious! You can sub olive oil for the butter...

Meghan Williams June 28, 2007

This recipe is awesome! I microwaved one onion in an onion cooker made for the microwave. Since the vidalia onion I had was small, I used 1/2 bouillon cube. After placing the cube in the hole, I filled it with unsalted butter. I microwaved it for 7 minutes and it is "to die for"! I thought that the middle would be too strongly flavored by the bouillon cube, but I was wrong. The flavor was stronger in the middle, but not too much so. The flavors melded throughout the onion! This will definitely be a repeat in my household! Thanks Charlotte J!

Bobtail July 07, 2005

This tasted great! I just had one as a snack before dinner. What a great idea! The only thing is that when I microwaved it for 7 minutes with the plastic, the plastic melted to the onion!!! I was able to get it off and still enjoy it though! Next time I will try your oven recipe. Thanks!!!!!

Gia Loves Her Hubby June 21, 2005

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