Brussels Sprouts Saute

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Total Time
20 mins
5 mins

Brussels Sprouts with bacon and onions.

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  1. Trim the stem of the sprouts and discard the outer leaves. Slice sprouts in half lenghtwise.
  2. Saute chopped bacon with sliced onions until bacon is cooked and onion is tender.
  3. Remove bacon and onion from pan, leaving bacon drippings behind.
  4. Place sprouts cut side down in pan. Turn sprouts when first side in slightly browned. Continue cooking until browned on second side. Pour off bacon drippings and CAREFULLY add about 1/4 cup water. Cover and finish cooking until the desired tenderness is reached.
  5. Place bacon, onion and sauted sprouts in microwave proof dish.
  6. Sprinkle parmesean cheese on top and microwave until cheese is melted and everything is good and hot.
  7. Serve and enjoy.