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This recipe is delicious! It tastes just like the Brunswick stew served in Georgia restaurants but better. I cut the recipe in half and used two large leg quarters instead of a whole chicken. Also, I added red and green bell peppers to the mix. I slow cooked a four pound pork roast in the oven and used half of it in the recipe. For the BBQ sauce, I used Sweet Baby. I mixed all of the ingredients together and let it simmer for an hour. It came out very thick and chunky. This recipe takes some work but well worth the end result. It is definitely a keeper!

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LizDaCook November 11, 2011

There are 60+ recipes for Brunswick Stew on this recipe site. I read just about all of them. I chose this one. I was not dissapointed. This is a 5 star recipe. The only minor changes I made: used low sodium chicken broth for the water, used 2 cans (15 oz.) tomato sauce instead of canned tomatoes, added four roasted garlic cloves to the mirepoix. I used prepackaged barbequed pulled pork and also cooked chicken the day before and removed fat from chicken broth. The only change I would do next time, and there will be a next time, is add the chicken and pork at the finish. Excellent and the best Brunswick Stew recipe on the web. I know I read them all! My husband says; he is sending me and this recipe to Ga. for the next Brunswick Stew cook off and it will be a winner.

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novachic October 17, 2009

I moved from Georgia to Texas in 2006 and I had a sudden craving for some rib sticking roots food. I found this recipe and it is worth the time and money. It is amazing! It has substance and volume. It's enough where when your done crumbling your cornbread in it for few days, you still can ration it out in quart size freezer bags to heat up later months down the road. I wouldn't change a thing about the recipe. It's truly represents the deep south culinary culture.

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Barry T. October 17, 2015

Makes a ton! <br/>Used chx and leftover ham<br/>Made in crockpot. cooked all day. Served with cornbread

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Shabby Sign Shoppe January 20, 2015

This has to be the best stew recipe ever. The only thing I did differently was instead of pork and barbecue sauce I used Brookwood Farms pulled pork barbecue. I considered not eating it 4 days in a row but tossed that idea. 4 days and counting.

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Sara W. March 20, 2014

Fantastic!!! even better the next day! Thanks

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fishguru February 08, 2008

Great!! Just like my Mama & Grandmana used to make!! I did add okra, as that's what they did, but I think that's just family preference! Thanks for posting!!

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FloridaGrl May 16, 2007

This is "exactly" how I remember Brunswick Steve in Georgia and Alabama 50 years ago. The picture is perfect. Meat was cooked until it shredded. We did not mix the sauce and meat with the vegetables other than onion and diced tomatoes until just before finishing the pot. The sauce was thickened slightly before adding the already cooked veggies and after pulling out the celery stalks. Potatoes and hunks of carrot were cooked separately and added at the end of the cooking cycle. Diced tomatoes and onions were added to the meat broth/sauce about ten minutes before thickening. We put celery stalks in the meat broth as it cooked and then fished them out. As for the rest of the vegetables, we used whatever was handy or left over from corn, to beans, to okra. Every cook had their own little twist. We didn't use Worcheshire or bay leaf. In our neck of the woods, and when we had it, we used African Chicken Peri-Peri spice to the cook's taste and a lid full of vinegar if we found it too sweet tasting. Our meats were a mixture of leftovers, and usually just chicken and pork. The whole idea of Brunswick Stew is to use your leftovers to make it as far as I can remember. We hardly ever could afford beef and I don't remember it being an ingredient.

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taylorkarin November 10, 2015

I am cooking this tomorrow, and I know that I shouldn't rate something before I've actually made it, but this is the only way to make a comment. If it turns out to be a disaster, I will edit my rating, lol! That said, I can tell by reading the recipe, that this should be awesome! I have a little over a pound of leftover smoked pulled pork, from a local smokehouse. I picked up a smoked chicken today, as well as the rest of the ingredients. Because it's impossible to find vinegar-based BBQ sauce around here, I may add some apple cider vinegar to cut the sweetness of the BBQ sauce. I'm hoping that the Worchestershire sauce in this recipe can do the job. My college roomate's family cooked Brunswick Stew, every fall, in a gigantic cast iron pot, stirred with a boat paddle, and to keep it authentic, included squirrel. We were the happy receipents of frozen containers. Other than squirrel, which I wouldn't eat now, anyway, this recipe looks the closest to what I remember! I'll let y'all know how it turns out.......

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NolaFoodie October 28, 2015

Most of the reviews seem to have made modifications. I don't blame them . . . this recipe is way too short on details. It leaves out too much! I've made this three times now and it took that much trial and error to make it work. For instance how big of a chicken? They can range from 2lb fryers to 6lb roasters. That's a BIG difference. Also given the measurements here I found that 1hr isn't nearly enough time to even cook the ingredients, much less "thicken" the stew. When I made it as described using a medium chicken (3.5lb) I ended up with not 3.5qt but 5qt of finished product, and even after 3 hours I still had soup rather than stew. I had to use a cornstarch slurry to thicken it.

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Anonymous September 08, 2015
Brunswick Stew Georgia Style ( Chicken & Pork )