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I first made these back in October 2002, and due to the fact that man plans and God laughs, I never got to put in a review. But I have made this recipe several times since then, and it just gets better and better every time! I have to admit that I never made this for lunch, but make it for supper during the week. I usually roast vegetables in bulk and just keep them in the fridge to add to pasta, quiches, whatever. I love the idea of just adding the eggs and cheese and, boom, supper! Instead of just breaking the eggs over the vegetables I scramble them with the cheese. Really really good one Dorothy!

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Mirj March 31, 2003

I made this for Sunday brunch and got RAVE reviews. I did change things a bit - did veggies as described but put them in the dish and then covered with 2-cups shredded Mozzerella, refrigerated overnight and in the morning baked dish for 15 minutes until cheese began to melt. Meanwhile, I "soft" scrambled the eggs and stirred in the Parmesan at the last minute, then spread them over the casserole and topped with a light dusting of additional Parmesan and returned dish to oven for 10-15 minutes to heat everything through well.

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abkmsw March 20, 2009

This was a refreshing change of pace for our Mother's Day brunch. I was looking for something to please a very picky Mom, and this fit the bill. It was filling without being overly greasy, as some breakfast casseroles tend to be. I used 4 teaspoons of olive oil and cooking spray on the pan to cut back the fat. We'll be making it again soon. Thanks for posting!

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MrsDoty May 14, 2007

I did this with the kids as a mothers day gift to my wife. My 11 y/o was very good at dicing up the veggies which I roasted the night before. I slightly undercooked them as I was baking oatmeal muffins and this way they finished roasting the following a.m. while the muffins baked. Instead of breaking the eggs on the top of the veggies, we made scrambled eggs and "dressed" them with a topping of the roasted vegetables. My wife allready asked for the recipe so I know she really loved it!

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Leominster Lee May 14, 2007

A real family pleaser, I will make this one again and again.

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Dari Donovan March 09, 2007

Sunday brunch was a treat using this recipe. I used canned sliced potatoes (left overs) didn't have any zuchhini so I added a couple of mushrooms. I cut the recipe back to one servig with no problem. Nice toasted Winnepeg Rye bread went well with it. Thanks Derf for sure a do again recipe

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Bergy September 10, 2006
Brunch Eggs and Veggies