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TMK--these are wonderful brownies! It's nice also that this recipe makes two to three times as many brownies as most brownie recipes--I made these as a gift for a friend's birthday and he was totally ecstatic. The mint frosting is TDF, and I might use that for cookies in the future. The brownie itself is dense, super chocolatey amd has a wonderful texture. Thanks for posting and promoting--everyone should try these!!!

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spatchcock September 11, 2004

These were fabulous!! Worth the time - which wasn't too bad btw, for those of us who really like to cook. If nothing else, the basic brownie recipe is the best I've ever come across. And I've tried many.. Thanks for sharing!

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Kenzington November 19, 2008

These are very good though I probably won't make these again unless for a special occasion because the taste didn't quite make up for the time it took in labor. I didn't bother waiting for the brownies to cool completely before applying the icing, I just stuck them in the fridge for about a half hour instead of on the rack for two hours. I also just stuck them back in the fridge after icing and began making my glaze immediately, then after the glaze cooled I spread it on top of the icing. It really cuts down on prep time though it still felt like quite a process to make.

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invictus July 07, 2008

These look like Nanaimo bars. Are they similar?

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Mickey3583 October 20, 2005
Brownies With a Chocolate Glaze and Mint Frosting